LAFF: Feline Pattern Baldness…..

The other day I saw the following meme on Facebook:


Now I’m not a parent of tiny humans, but I can tell you having worked in education for ten years, when the school announces they have a lice problem, EVERYONE gets phantom itches!!  And you become an expert at ducking and dodging that one cute kid who insists on hugging you.

I can also tell you there is a lesser known equivalent for cat-parents; it’s when your cat mysteriously starts losing fur…..the first thing you think??


And of course after this thought enters your mind, the only thing you can think about is, well, fleas.

Now it is highly likely that this hair loss has another cause. In times like these it’s best to think positively…..and so I made a list of reasons WHY MY CAT HAS LOST PATCHES OF HER HAIR…..

  1. Dye Job Gone Wrong: See, she’s getting older and a smidge self conscious about going gray–even though half her fur is already naturally white. But she processed the new color a bit too long, causing her hair to fall out.
  2. Fashion Statement: Much like the grunge style circa 1990’s, the feline grunge movement is starting to pick up steam. Causing cats to participate in aggressive grooming until their hair is patchy and grungerrific.
  3. Oops!: She may have gotten a little too close to the vacuum when it was running.


So that’s  all I could come up with. After a talk with the vet this afternoon I’m feeling even more confident that it’s not fleas.

If your cat is also losing their hair in patches, you are definitely not alone! Just remove the bottle of feline Clairol from their hiding place under the couch and their hair should start growing back soon after. 😀


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