Why I’m Glad HUD Secretary Carson Got Stuck in an Elevator…….

This afternoon I read an account of Secretary of HUD Dr. Ben Carson becoming stuck in an elevator in the midst of his “listening tour” of affordable housing across America.

And I have to say, I’m more than glad it happened.

No, not because I don’t agree with some of his policies or political beliefs. I respect Dr. Carson so much as an uber-talented neurosurgeon and his story of growing up poor in the projects and being raised by a single mother to rise to where he is today is truly inspirational.

So why am I glad for the misfortune of someone I respect?  Because it shows how low-income housing has taken a back seat to quality. As if it doesn’t matter that the elevator doesn’t work because they are poor people anyway so why fix it?

This is the same attitude to the one found in my old HUD building where I lived for almost 3 years before my husband and I were married. The elevator was so old and seldom worked that one summer the leasing office asked us not to use it because it was overheating from use……for a building full of elderly and disabled persons this was not acceptable.

Do you know what ended up happening? When the building was bought for local college student housing the elevator, deemed not fixable before, mysteriously was fixed and the ENTIRE inside of the building was gutted and renovated for the new tenants.

Dear Dr. Carson, you have now been reminded how the other side lives on a daily basis. Here is your opportunity to fix it. To give low-income housing the dignity and care its residents deserve.

Please take it.

Funky Fresh……..

Wednesday. The day that falls in the middle of the week. That day where we can finally see Friday and a much-needed day or two of rest.

You know what Wednesday also is?

That day of the week where you are so stressed and tired that you *almost* grab that can of dry shampoo for brown hair instead of that same sized can of athlete’s foot spray for your feet.

Uh, at least I could have passed it off as an errant spray tan??


Photo on 2017-04-05 at 19.23

This almost went where it wasn’t supposed to. Thankfully this week is almost over, until we get to do it all over again. 😛

**This blog post is not sponsored by Batiste, but I’d recommend this particular dry shampoo in a heartbeat.