LAFF: Feline Pattern Baldness…..

The other day I saw the following meme on Facebook:


Now I’m not a parent of tiny humans, but I can tell you having worked in education for ten years, when the school announces they have a lice problem, EVERYONE gets phantom itches!!Ā  And you become an expert at ducking and dodging that one cute kid who insists on hugging you.

I can also tell you there is a lesser known equivalent for cat-parents; it’s when your cat mysteriously starts losing fur…..the first thing you think??


And of course after this thought enters your mind, the only thing you can think about is, well, fleas.

Now it is highly likely that this hair loss has another cause. In times like these it’s best to think positively…..and so I made a list of reasons WHY MY CAT HAS LOST PATCHES OF HER HAIR…..

  1. Dye Job Gone Wrong: See, she’s getting older and a smidge self conscious about going gray–even though half her fur is already naturally white. But she processed the new color a bit too long, causing her hair to fall out.
  2. Fashion Statement: Much like the grunge style circa 1990’s, the feline grunge movement is starting to pick up steam. Causing cats to participate in aggressive grooming until their hair is patchy and grungerrific.
  3. Oops!: She may have gotten a little too close to the vacuum when it was running.


So that’sĀ  all I could come up with. After a talk with the vet this afternoon I’m feeling even more confident that it’s not fleas.

If your cat is also losing their hair in patches, you are definitely not alone! Just remove the bottle of feline Clairol from their hiding place under the couch and their hair should start growing back soon after. šŸ˜€


Major Announcement and LAFF on Thursday…..

We are flip-flopping days today as my husband will publish a special piece on the blog tomorrow, so I’m writing my typical LAFF (Lulabelle’s Anxiety Free Friday) post today. But first, to a major announcement……

Many people resolve to get into better shape every New Years day as their new year’s resolution. I really hadn’t made a new years resolution in the last few years, minus the year I vowed to get married (We had already become engaged and I knew the wedding was set for later that year. šŸ˜‰ ). Yep, reasonable goals are my jam. So when the Lord spoke to me and told me what I could resolve to do this year, I kinda had to take a step back and have a serious conversation with God. It went something like this:

God: This is what I want you to do this year.
Me: Whoa! Um, really? Dude, are you serious? (I believe in keeping my talks with God real, so whatever comes out, comes out šŸ˜‰ )
God: Yes. You can do it.

So, what did God ask me to do? Well, ladies and gentlemen, this year I will be publishing a book. It’s a big goal that seems scary and insurmountable, but I’ve already started the process. I’ve joined book writing groups on FB. I have thought about the title and possible cover designs. Most importantly I’ve thought about content. And the content I’ll be using is my blog. Tomorrow after my blog uploads there will be 200 entries to choose from. I’m also in the process of refining my blog so it’s easier to navigate.

So there you have it. My goal for the year. If it doesn’t happen all this year, I’m not going to stress. I’m making smaller goals within the big goal and will approach things one step at a time. I do appreciate your prayers and good thoughts through this process. Oh, and if you’ve managed to get a book published? What was your experience?? Please fill me in in the comments below. Thanks! ā¤


And now on to our LAFF on Thursday! Facebook recently came out with a new activity. The task is to ask your children a series of questions about yourself and see how well they know you. As we only have 4 legged kids with fur here, I thought I’d turn this task on its head and interview our youngest. She’s currently not quite asleep on our couch behind me. The oldest one is out of commission though, snoring away. Let’s begin:

1. What is something I always say to you? Hey, no wiping your bum on the carpet!

2. What makes me happy? Daddy (awww!! šŸ˜‰ )

3. What makes me sad? Something called Donald Trump. You talk about that a lot. He has funny hair.

4. How do I make you laugh? I don’t really laugh because I’m a cat. I can poot on command though. Wanna see? (No. Really, no. )

5. What was I like as a child? I don’t know. Probably smaller. I think you also had more fur and possibly a tail. (None of that is true except the smaller part)

6. How old am I? Seventy-eleven (I think we need to work on numerical concepts)

7. How tall am I? Probably taller than our house, but I really don’t know because I don’t like going outside so I’ve never actually seen the outside of our house.

8. What is my favorite thing to do? Write and watch TV.

9. What do I do when you’re not around? I don’t know. I’m either asleep or doing cat things. Alone.

10. What am I really good at? Being a mommy.

11. What am I not very good at? Being a cat.

12. What do I do for a job? You write on the computer. Sometimes you leave the house and then come back hours later, when it’s dark. When you come home, you smell funny; like other cats. And sometimes milk. (HA! this is true. I work in childcare and sometimes I am gone till dark. One of my clients has two cats. šŸ˜€ )

13. What is my favorite food? Anything that looks good that I can’t eat. You keep feeding me those brown pellets. I tried a banana pepper once. I think I liked it (She did NOT like it). I see those once a week at home. Can I have one? (No. No, furry gray squirrel. You may not.)

14. What do you enjoy doing with me? Cuddling on your lap and sleeping. Sometimes I stick my bum in your face. I don’t know why you don’t like it.

Here is our interview subject on the Fourth of July last year NOT enjoying fireworks.

phoebe fourth of July 15


LAFF: Star Wars And Family Secrets…..

Well kids, it seems that with the opening of the new Star Wars movie this week, this is the best time to tell you something. We’ve been keeping a secret from all of you for awhile now and it seems like the time is right to go public with our secret…….

Our cats are the evolutionary ancestors of Wookies.*

If you’ve ever seen any Star Wars movie, you will of course remember Chewbacca as the biggest of the Wookies and the little teddy-bear creatures enrobed in cloaks running around their tree village and helping to save Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker. They were experts at using lightsabers and made cute gurgling noises when they talked. Their eyes also glowed in the dark.

So, how did this evolutionary phenomenon create the furry domestic gods and goddesses we have today? Ah, young Padawan (yeah, I had to go there šŸ˜‰ ) keep reading for the answers that you seek.

See, a long, long time ago in a gala… screw it-here’s what happened:

The original Wookies roamed the tree forests and fought evil with their lightsabers and stellar kung-fu moves. Later on in evolution, their lightsabers were permanently affixed to the south end of their bodies and over time they began to only be able to walk on all fours. Their ears also grew pointier. Their light saber tails were still useful, but they seemed to sway back and forth at random. Oh and they became covered with fur.

But two things remained; their fighting capabilities and their voices. Oh, and their eyeballs still glow in the dark.

At night is when things really get interesting for these Wookie relatives.Ā  This is when they are able to hone their light saber skills without the gawking eyes of their unsuspecting adopted families. After the last human goes to bed, the cats begin their fight training. Their tails, evolving from lightsabers, start glowing and they are able to jump around the room and off the furniture faster and stealthier than they can with the lights on and humans watching.

So, why do we know this to be a fact? Well, I happened to get up late one night because I was hungry. I crept silently into the kitchen and they must not have heard me because I was able to watch them practicing with their lightsaber tails. It really was something to behold. Like a violent laser light dance. With claws.

The next morning I went back into the living room and it was like nothing extraordinary had occurred. They greeted me with indignant bored gazes and went back to licking themselves.

So now you know our deep family secret. Just don’t let on that we told you if you ever come visit. We are a little nervous what would happen if they found out. šŸ˜‰

phoebe glowing eyes

Here we have more proof. I took this when she thought I was sleeping. The force is strong with this one šŸ˜‰

**PS: Well this is embarrassing. I counted myself a fan of Star Wars, but apparently I confused my characters (getting old does this to you periodically). I realized this when throngs of my Facebook friends who really are die-hard fans (think full cosplay) came to my door wielding over-sized lightsabers and chanting about how Obi Wan Kenobi truly is their only hope. They informed me that I had mistaken Wookies for Ewoks. Here is a chart detailing the key difference. You are welcome. šŸ˜€


Key difference chart to educate us all appear courtesy of: