The One Where Lulabelle Finds Out Fortune Telling is an Inadvisable Career Move……(Predictions from 2018)

Happy 2019!! For my first post of the new year, I thought I’d look back on my predictions for this year that I made in 2018 and see how well I was able to correct predict what was gonna go down in 2018.

Yeah, this is gonna be disappointing. I think I’ll stick to blogging. 😛

“Trump will say or tweet something controversial”: Honestly this was a lock. Like the free space on a BINGO board. 

“I will drink at least one glass of wine (Yeah, by the way, some of these are going to be no-brainers. 😉 Buckle up.)” I did not disappoint 2018 in the alcohol department. Bottoms up. 😉 

“I will have mastered the art of red lipstick (In case anyone thought my Miranda Sings Halloween costume was as good as it was going to get.)” I did. And also added to my weird lipstick color collection light blue, dark green, dark blue that almost looks black, dark purple and I made my own yellow (that kinda sucks and doesn’t look yellow at all on my lips). I also made an Instagram account devoted to my love of weird lipstick shades. You can check it out here:

“Joe Biden will announce his plans to run for president in 2020 (I have mixed feelings within my body about this one, but there it is.)” So while I thought I was wrong on this one, the mainstream media is now reporting that Biden will announce whether or not he’ll run in 2 weeks. Stay tuned. 

“Tonya Harding will be reinstated into the US Figure Skating Association (Honestly it just makes sense. As time passes, it seems as though she really did have nothing to do with the attack on Nancy Kerrigan.)” She was not. 

“Oreo will debut a new flavor” They did. About 50. (This is an exaggeration as I’m too lazy to look up the actual number, but I know it’s more than one 😛 ) 


Happy New Year!!

PS: Chad and I would like to thank the anonymous (because he can’t remember who it was) cab passenger who gifted us with a tupperware of chocolate where I thought at first it was a block of chocolate and I was already on board. So when I got it out of the freezer last night, I was shocked to find it had strawberries in it and chocolate cake. At the time we weren’t sure what it was, but it was delicious.

Now we are 90% sure it was some sort of tiramisu with pudding and strawberries on top.