Lulabelle Cooks without a Net: Cherry Cola Cobbler……

I finally presented Chad with his valentines day gift at dinner tonight. Because we think it’s dumb that anyone dictate when we celebrate love (and I just couldn’t get it together this year in time for the 14th).

So when I asked if he wanted me to make chocolate chips cookies or cherry cobbler, and he chose the latter, I knew I’d blog the results.

This recipe is inspired by one of my favorite pies from Grand Traverse Pie Company. Every fall they put out a cherry pie with Vernor’s ginger ale baked into the filling. This gives the pie a wonderful zing and enhances the flavor profile of a normal cherry pie.

So I decided to try my own version. And of course because it’s me, I decided to add another ingredient.

Cherry cola. Why? Because.

As always, my cobbler’s start with sugar cookie dough you can make yourself (Why though?) or buy in the refrigerator section of the grocery store.  As for the filling I did the following:

Empty two frozen packages of cherries into metal bowl. (EDIT: I went a bit overboard with the amount and had leftover cherry mixture that I put into a Ziplock bag and froze for another time) 

Pour cherry cola over cherries until covered.  Stir quickly to combine.

Watch cola absorb and freeze into the cherries, making them more frozen. #Science

Stick mixture into the fridge as you tear the kitchen and living room to shreds looking for that jar of ground ginger you swear you have.

Let cherry mixture sit in the fridge for another 3 days until ground ginger is purchased.

On day 3, stir in ground ginger to taste. Now I will warn you, be careful. I used 2 teaspoons of ginger and that was probably too much. Ginger is a tricky spice and there is a very fine line between “Oh, that’s delicious” to “Oh, that is DEFINITELY an industrial strength cleaning product!”


To assemble: cut dough into two pieces in a 3/4th to 1/4 ratio. Take the 3/4th section and spread it into the bottom of a rounded non stick pan. Pour in cherry mixture with a measuring cup, being careful to not pour in too much of the liquid (to avoid overflowing the pan and causing a mess in the oven.)

Take the smaller section of dough and plop it in dollops around the top of the cherry mixture and bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. 

Bon Appetit, Ya’ll!! 

LAFF: The One Where Lulabelle Sarcastically Responds to a Stupid Meme Found on the Internet…….

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a meme on Facebook that made me cringe. It was a list of phrases some people with disabilities hear on a regular basis. Today I thought I’d share them as well as my sarcastic responses. Feel free to use them the next time you are faced with any of the comments below: 

“You’re pretty for someone with a disability” Apparently you’ve never seen me first thing in the morning. 

“You’re so lucky you get to drive a wheelchair all day” Yeah. The tendinitis in my thumb from years of spinning my wheels, that can sometimes feel like I broke a bone, makes me feel like a bright and shiny bowl of sunshine!

*“I only see the person, not the disability” So what you’re saying is you see me coming at you from an elevated sitting position with nothing underneath me? Creepy. 

“Why don’t you try dating someone like you?” I think at this point dating someone like me would seriously upset my current marriage.  Also, what makes you think my husband and I aren’t similar? We can finish each other sentences. It’s pretty gross. 😀

“I can’t even imagine living your life.” Well, I can’t imagine living life as a balding, middle aged wedding singer who’s recently taken up yak farming, but here we are!

*I’ve found that there are moments where my visible disability enhances my life. This wedding photo is my all time favorite and it wouldn’t be the same without my chair. 

Flying wedding