Lulabelle Reviews: Pumpkin Pie Poptarts…….

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We were given good news and bad news this weekend.

The bad news is that Pumpkin Spice Oreos are no longer available in the Wabash Valley (at least at the one Walmart and Meijer where we looked). This really bummed me out as I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.

The good news is that I married Chad and because he couldn’t find Pumpkin Spice Oreos, he bought the next best thing. Pumpkin Pie Poptarts! I had never had them so today I thought I’d do a little review on them.

Appearance: Like a regular Poptart with icing and orange, brown and yellow flecks sprinkled on top.

Smell: Like leftover pumpkin pie you get out of the refrigerator the day after Thanksgiving and promptly eat for breakfast. But only after telling your kids that pumpkin pie is not an appropriate breakfast. Because of this you have to get up at 7am before your kids discover the leftover pie in the fridge and question your life choices.

Taste: Like pumpkin pie that that you could theoretically get at a gas station that comes pre-packaged in plastic wrap and because it’s been exposed to the light, has degraded so it tastes a tiny bit stale. With a slight play-doughy aftertaste that you realize is in every Poptart you’ve ever eaten but up until this point in your life you’ve been in denial as to its existence.

I wonder if toasting them would have any change in their overall taste or smell.

I’ll be right back…….

Oh boy. If anything toasting made the playdoughy smell more prominent. Yikes. Kinda don’t want to taste them now…..but for the sake of the blog…….

So the taste is actually not that bad. More like pumpkin pie. And so far no play-doughy aftertaste.

Yep. My mistake was not toasting them before hand.

Bon-Appetite’ Y’all!!


**Poptarts did not sponsor this review. All Poptarts were purchased by our hard earned pennies. Although I’d really respect the poo out of any company that agrees to sponsor a review that is less than favorable. πŸ˜‰


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LAFF On Sunday: **Baby Products Perfect for Cats!!

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**Of course this is not an entry I’m taking seriously. I just had the idea to see how many baby products, at least in theory, could be used on cats. I have no intention of using any of the items below on our furkids and don’t recommend you do either. Basically, don’t try any of this at home, kids. πŸ˜‰

Nosefrieda: Ok, maybe I came across this product a few years ago and maybe I insert it into any conversation I can, whether it is relevant or not. This is what it looks like: (sidenote: Why this can be found at ToysRUs is beyond me πŸ˜› )

A Nosefrieda is a new fangled device for extracting snot from your little tot. Why would this be useful in cats, specifically Riley? Well, it seems little boy kitty constantly has a snotty nose. Now granted, his snot is typically dry and flaky, so maybe this wouldn’t be the best extraction tool, but you don’t know till you try, right?

Gasdrops: The odor that comes out of Little Boy Kitty’s bum, without warning, merits something. And they are all natural, so they can’t be bad for them, right? (Translated: Yes, I’ve tasted them before. I was curious. Tasted mostly like licorice. Also, please GOD let this work to end the stomach churning olfactory nightmare! πŸ˜› )

Mobiles: Used for over the baby crib to assist with sleep, a mobile would still be useful for cats as an entertaining play alone tool. Barring any small parts that can be ripped up by kitty claws or teeth.

Diaper Genie: Now I know, this one seems out there, but stay with me, let me explain. Did you know that kitten poop is different in smell then adult cat poop?

Yeah. True story.

It’s a stench so foul I can’t think of any comparisons at the moment. And the smell wafts its way through the house even after little boy kitty is done doing his thing. I wish there was a way that we can train him to spray air freshener after he unloads such a foul smelling load.

Or maybe we just need to move the litter boxes to no longer be kitchen adjacent. πŸ˜‰


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Grandpa Sommers

I know I normally write a funny post on Fridays. Today however I wanted to share something my cousin wrote to pay tribute to one of the sweetest people I ever knew; my grandpa Sommers. May this story of his life inspire you to live with purpose and without fear. You are loved. You matter. You have a Purpose. ❀ (Oh and PS: the chainsaw my grandpa had in his hand was running. Yep. Bada** πŸ˜‰ )

Counting My Blessings……

As Thanksgiving in the states will be here in a few days, I wanted to talk about one of my blessings. Here is a picture of it:


My blessing today is this empty pie plate.

Chad and I had Friendsgiving dinner last night with our closest friends and one of their dads made a sugar cream pie for the meal, even though he couldn’t be there.

Sugar cream pie is one of my favorites and he had made one for my birthday party in October, but because it didn’t turn out right, he didn’t bring it to my party.

So he made another one. It was totally unexpected as I hadn’t requested one.

Friends, this is what it’s all about. Being kind and thinking of others. Even if you can’t be there to get the glory.

Happy Thanksgiving!Β β™₯

PS: I may have eaten the leftover pie for breakfast. #NoRegrets πŸ˜‰


When The Cheerleader Has Lost Her Pep…….

First things first: You know those weird people that can’t wait until after Thanksgiving and decorate for Christmas in early November? Yeah. As of this year I am one of those people. I literally needed some peace on Earth after the election. I may also be rocking out to Christmas music already. I recommend this one:

I even brought these festive pajama pants out of hibernation.


I also spent some time with a good friend of mine. We were both election weary, so we met together for lunch and then wanted to watch a no thinking, fluff movie to get our minds off of things.

We chose Ocean’s 11. A movie that is about a power hungry casino owner who’ll stop at nothing to go after anyone that steals from him…….

Yeah. We didn’t quite think that one through. πŸ˜›

Now let’s get on to the topic of the day……

Next month on December 25th, it will be 2 years since Chad and I began our childless journey (merry freakin’ Christmas πŸ˜› ). And it hasn’t always been easy. But we’ve been able to move on with our lives and find hope and purpose.

And I’ve been able to encourage others in our childless community who are just beginning their journeys and are grieving and raw. I remember being there.

I was there again last week.

Sunday morning began for us completely normal. We went to church and I volunteered in the nursery. I really enjoy it. I get my baby fix while helping parents enjoy the church service.

But by the end of service last Sunday I was near tears. It had randomly hit me again that I’d never experience the joy of seeing my child run to me when I picked them up from the nursery.

I was so devastated that I was unable to hold my niece later that afternoon.

And I’ve never been able to not hold a baby. 😦

A couple days later I burst into tears during a diaper commercial. (Sidenote: Dear Hulu, bringing back the “swap ad” feature would eliminate this trigger. πŸ˜‰ )

So to sum up, I had a “bad baby week.” It was the worst one I had experienced in years andΒ  caught me completely off guard.

And even this morning I was watching a video on YouTube of a baby baptism and I couldn’t finish it.

GAH! I guess it was shortsighted of me to think that I’d be completely OK 2 years later.

This whole childlessness thing is weird. You can be fine 99.9% of the time, but that .1% hits you without notice and it hits HARD. I wonder if this will get worse with age? Oh boy!

I’ve always been a “glass half full”gal. Always looking on the bright side, especially with being childless, but lately I’ve realized lots of people around my age are having kids and therefore having experiences that I can’t relate to. And I feel behind.

But then I’m reminded that adopting a kid because all your friends have one is a terrible reason to adopt.

It’s very strange to be in this position, as I’ve been a positive voice in my local community of childless couples, encouraging all of them that you can still have hope and a purpose while living childless.

But now I am in need of encouragement myself. And it’s a weird position to be in. I most likely took my positive attitude for granted. And now that it’s gone, I don’t know what to do.

I have an ache in my soul and I don’t know what to do next.

And this just plain sucks. And I have no idea how long this funk will last.

Dear reader, if you are also struggling with childlessness, however long your journey has been, you are not alone and I am praying for you.

You have a purpose. You matter. You are loved. β™₯

So Now What……

“A less destructive but still negative consequence of politics-as-business is the institutionalization of perverse incentives. “Politics as showbiz for ugly people” used to be a funny truth; now it’s frequently a repellent one. Gratuitous provocateurs and flat-out crazy people get more coverage than sensible, thoughtful, earnest policy makers. Vacuous cleverness trumps boring sincerity.”

-Mary Matalin,* co-author of “Love and War: Twenty Years, Three Presidents, Two Daughters and One Louisiana Home”

I stayed up till 4:30 Wednesday morning in utter shock as I saw my country elect Donald Trump. I awoke this afternoon with fingers crossed, hoping I had just had a bad dream.

Nope. It happened.


It’s real guys. Trump will be inaugurated in January and will become the 45th President of the United States.

So now what? What can we do? Well, I’m giving myself a day or so to grieve and reflect. And I made a list of what we can do to build up our communities post election……

1. Show love to everyone. No matter if you disagree or not. No matter what your beliefs.
2. Be kind.
3.Eat some ice cream and take a rest. No need for a bowl, just grab a spoon. Then take a breath and a rest.
4. Plant flowers in your yard or your neighbors yard or local park. Literally make the world a more beautiful place.
5. Listen to your friends who are on the fringes. Let their words wash over you and lend an ear to their hurt. Ask them how you can help them heal.
6. Turn off the TV and internet. Go into a quiet space and pray or meditate.

This list is in no way complete, just a few things I thought could help us all heal.

Take care!


*Matalin was a registered Republican and worked as the personal assistant to George W. Bush while he was in the White House. She recently switched parties from the GOP to Libertarian after Trump’s nomination.

Unintended Consequences of Growing Older…….

Remember that fish oil I blogged about on Friday? The stuff that I take in an attempt to be healthy and live longer?

Yeah. About that.

This morning my body summarily rejected my attempt at getting healthier by vomiting said pill back up, including my breakfast and dinner from last night for good measure.

This is what I get for trying to be healthy.

And to add insult to injury, I had to reset my vomit-counter.

Yes, up until today I had lived 9 blissful years vomit free.

That all ended because of a stupid health supplement.

And my increasingly sensitive gag reflex.

That seems to be getting worse with age.

I may as well forget this whole “healthy” thing and go back to my normal eating routine.


It is a scientific fact that I’ve never thrown up after eating jelly beans. The same can not be said for fish oil capsules. This is not my fault. πŸ˜›

LAFF: Dinner With a Side……

I blame my mom.

Growing up she insisted that every time we had pizza, we had fresh carrot sticks and celery. I guess that made her feel better about giving her kids fatty, doughy, cheesy goodness with a side of grease. (It should be noted that pizza was not something we ate often. And delivery pizza only happened once a year. πŸ˜‰ )

Tonight we ordered pizza and I guess I couldn’t get this thought out of my head.

But we were out of carrots and celery.

So we had to improvise.

And we may be at the age where this bottle is a daily part of our eating routine anyway.


Dear Elizabeth: While You Were Sleeping……

The following entry is written for my niece, Elizabeth, in honor of the Cubs World Series win.

Dear Elizabeth,

Last night while you were sleeping, the universe shifted. The stars aligned and the impossible happened……

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

And I can’t believe I just typed that sentence.

The last time that had happened, your parents and grandparents had yet to be born.

It was illegal for women to vote.

There were only 46 states in the US.

Long story short, the world was much different the last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

So the game last night was a very big deal.

That is why your parents and I were yelling so much.

I’m sorry we woke you up.

Love you forever,

Auntie Laura β™₯