LAFF: The One Where Lulabelle Advises You On How To *Maturely* Respond To A Common Life Question……

This weekend, if someone looks at you and exclaims with disgust-“Wait, YOU are a CUBS FAN??!! I have the perfect response:

Calmly ask them how *THEIR favorite MLB team is doing at the moment. Then turn on your heels and walk away like a BOSS!

*Please note: The following only works if the other person’s favorite MLB team is anyone other than Dodgers. In case the other person says Dodgers, awkwardly look at them for a count of 10, then throw some sequined confetti in their face and run away!!πŸ˜€


Go Cubs!!


Riley and I are ready for the game tomorrow! Go Cubs!!

Blogging Through The Darkness: #EndTheStigma

I began writing this blog at 3:30 this morning as insomnia was kicking my butt. You are correct that there was no Wednesday blog this week, and there almost wasn’t a Thursday blog.

Seems I’m going through a bit of a depression period. And it sucks. I haven’t been motivated to do much lately which isn’t helping to improve things. And normally when I am going through a depressive time, I don’t blog. But I had a thought just now….

I write a blog on anxiety and mental illness and the times I am going through a depression I don’t choose to blog because I guess on some level I think depression isn’t uplifting or inspiring. And perhaps I worry about dragging my readers down with me.

And I just read that last sentence and realize how much bullshit it contained.

I mean, why am I afraid of blogging while I’m depressed? Bumming people out? Being too vulnerable? At the end of the day this fear does nothing but further stigmatize my mental illness.

So I’m pressing on.

I think my depression is a combination of things. Chad has been working some crazy hours lately and so we don’t see each other as much as we’d like. I also blame this stupid presidential election. Seeing it everyday in my news feed and watching all the debates (that blessedly wrapped up earlier tonight. Praise the good Lord!πŸ˜› ) has really got me fired up. And worried about the future.

And honestly the worry still remains no matter which candidate I imagine winning.

But back to the lack of motivation. I think that’s the thing that sucks the most when I’m going through a depressive episode. Not having motivation to get things down makes things literally pile up around the house and then on top of being depressed I feel guilty that I haven’t gotten stuff done.

And the cycle continues.

I hate feeling this way and would give anything to not. I feel like one of those people in the antidepressant commercials, you know the ones where the people look detached and sad as a list of side effects flashes under the screen.

But the one thing that I hold on to during these times of depression, the thing that helps get me through, is to know that I always come out on the other side.

I will be OK.

Dear reader, if you are feeling depressed at the moment, you are NOT alone. As Victor Hugo once eloquently wrote, “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise!”


Golden Oreo Allergy Solved(ish)……

Hey guys, as you know I’m an Oreo girl, but the Golden Oreo has always given me stomach troubles. And I could never pinpoint what ingredient didn’t agree with me.

The other weekend, I think I solved the mystery.

It was my birthday and Chad and I went out to dinner to celebrate. We went to an upscale-ish chain burger house that also had a salad bar.

That I partook in because I am now 37 and this is how you do life now. Yes, you can have that glass of sangria and that cheeseburger, but only if you also order the salad bar.

So I saddled up to the salad bar and began assembling my salad. Then I came upon a bowl of lima beans. I like lima beans, so these were sprinkled on the top of my salad.

I ate my salad first and a couple bites in I realized the lima beans were NOT lima beans.

I was actually eating edamame aka soybeans.


But it still tasted good, so I thought, “Oh well, no big deal. I’ll just eat the rest of my salad and go on with my life.”

Yeah. About that…..

So as I’m eating my salad with edamame, my stomach begins to say, “Um, what are you eating? I didn’t sign off on this food.” So my stomach began trying to throw back the edamame but my stomach has a bad throwing arm, so it didn’t go anywhere, it just bounced off the stomach’s walls, giving me a distinct stomach ache. The same type of stomach ache that I got after I eat a Golden Oreo.

Guys, I think I’m allergic to soy. Which is really bizarro considering soy and soy lecithin is in virtually any packaged food I eat and I literally have not had a problem until the first time I ate a Golden Oreo. So I’m not going to completely eliminate soy from my diet. I’ll just be a bit more cautious about how I am feeling after I eat.

Honestly I’m glad I figured this out. Do you have a food allergy that is specific to one thing? Let me know in the comments.


Autumn in The Midwest…….

Welcome to October 17th in the Midwest, where in the morning you are so cold you have to turn off the AC and turn on the heat.

But by the time you reach 4pm, you have to turn off the heat and turn the AC back on because it’s so stifling in the house and because it will take a few minutes to kick in, you have to take off your clothes and just be in your underwear….But first you have to replace the tape over your web camera because you are also a bit paranoid of hackers being able to access your web cam from a remote location so they can turn it on and off at will and watch you walk around your house in your underwear.


Then you get ready to leave the house and decide you can go one more day without washing your hair, so you spray it with a little dry shampoo and whip it up into a “mom bun.” But this mom bun is unlike anything you’ve ever been able to do before and when you look into the mirror, you suddenly realize you look like Audrey Hepburn. So then you resolve to take a selfie when you get home because you know that you’ll probably NEVER be able to achieve this look ever again in life. You get so inspired that you actually throw on a bit of makeup before leaving the house.

Upon your return to the house, you boot up your laptop and take off the tape from your web camera so this amazing hairstyle can be documented in the history of your life.

But then you realize something has happened.

Somehow in the two hours that you’ve done your hair, you’ve gone from Audrey Hepburn chic to Madame Thenardier frumpy!πŸ˜›

Only on a Monday, y’all! Only on a Monday!


LAFF On Saturday: Lulabelle Reviews Kool-Aid Jammers (Pretty much because we needed one for a photo shoot and accidentally bought 10.)……

Last week was the first time I had one of those Kool-Aid pouchy drink thingy’s that are marketed for kids.

And I felt like a kid. Which is strange because when I was a kid, we didn’t have fun drinks. I mean, it’s not like they didn’t exist, but my parents didn’t buy them. Something about artificial coloring and too much sugar blah, blah, blah. We did have Kool-Aid in the you-make-it-yourself form, but we could not put any additional sugar into it.

Sounds fun, right?πŸ˜‰

So for my birthday we indulged. And it was glorious. And each pouch didn’t last nearly as long as it should have. Ah, to be a child and think that pouchy thing was the coolest (when you got it at Grandma’s or a friends) even though in reality it only took 4 sips to empty the entire pouch.

So onto the review….This one will be short and sweet.

To sum up, this tropical punch flavored drink tasted exactly like Hawaiian Punch, albeit not as sweet. Like if you were to dilute Hawaiian Punch with water, this would most likely be what you’d have left.

It also reminded me of a childhood experience at the dentist. I was maybe 10 or so and was about to get flouride for the first time. This is the thing where they glop this pink pudding/jello-y stuff into teeth shaped trays that are blue and have a bill on the center so when they stick it in your mouth, you look like a duck.

The first time I was to have this done the dental tech told me what was gonna happen as she filled the trays. Then she mentioned that you had to hold the trays in your mouth with your mouth closed for 2 minutes and not swallow the entire time.

Up until this point in life I had never gone longer than a few seconds without swallowing, so I began to panic. And suddenly I decided I really needed to go to the bathroom. The tech bought my excuse so I ran into the bathroom (What? I wasn’t going to completely lie and run out of the building or something.πŸ˜› Besides, I couldn’t. My mom was sitting in the lobby by the front door) and stood there until I figured there would not be enough time for me to get flouride.

It worked. My flouride treatment was rescheduled for my next visit and I went home happy that I had dodged that goopy tropical punch flavored bullet. (Oh and by the way, I forgot to tell you the dental tech told me that the flavor of the goop was tropical punch which is why I’m telling you this story. I guess you could also see this as some sort of confession involving lying about the state of my bladder. Told here of course to relieve my conscience. Or something.)

So dear reader, if you never had fun drinks in pouches growing up, or anxiety at the dentist where you ended up lying about the state of your bladder, you are not alone….. and I don’t blame you one iota!πŸ˜‰



PS: Prayers and positive vibes go out to my favorite baseball team, the Cubs, as they play game 1 in the NLCS against The Dodgers tonight. You got this, boys! #IAintAfraidOfNoGoat

When You Need an Umbrella And an Ark…….#Bloggertunities

**Blogger’s Note: Because of the busyness of life at the moment, this post took about a week to put together. Please note that the cab AC is now working and my teeth don’t hurt as bad.

Have you ever hear the expression, “When it rains, it pours”? The basic meaning behind this is that when something bad happens in your life, there is more behind it that rains down on you before the clouds finally break and a glorious rainbow emerges.

We are in the middle of the pouring stage and I kinda want to give whomever thought of this catchphrase a piece of my mind….or a well planted kick in the teeth (or an attempted kick. I just turned 37 and my legs don’t have as much range of motion as they did in my 20sπŸ˜› ).

Let me rewind a few years. Yes, years. Don’t worry, I’ll give you the short versionπŸ˜‰ . So a couple years ago our water heater seemed to be close to death. It was leaking and Chad and I began trying to figure out how we were going to pay for another one. Then a few days later, the leaking mysteriously stopped. Feeling like we just got a little bit of relief, we put replacing the water heater on the back burner and focused on other things that needed to be replaced.

This is also something you do quite often as an adult. Delegating crisis severity.

Anyway, our hands-off approach seemed to work for our water heater until the other weekend when water began to leak more freely into the basement. We knew something had to be done. Like that day.

So we enlisted the help of a few amazing friends and set about replacing the water heater. Realizing this was going to be a big purchase, Chad drove our car and our friend drove his truck to pick up our new water heater with the goal of putting the water heater into the truck to bring it back to our house.

And what happened next can only be blamed on Murphy’s Law, and the fact that it’s us.

On the way out from the parking lot in our car, the serpentine belt FELL OUT from underneath our car.

Like, fell out onto the parking lot.

I don’t know much about cars, but apparently the serpentine belt is pretty critical piece of equipment for the operation of the car.

So if you are keeping track, our water heater bit the dust on the SAME DAY our car’s guts literally spilled out onto the parking lot.


Thankfully we were able to replace the water heater without going into debt and have it installed on the same day. Also, having a car die wasn’t a huge deal because we have a back up company car that Chad is allowed to use when he’s not at work.

Can you tell where this is going? Yep.

I’m not exactly sure why the cab stopped running a few days after crisis #’s 1 and 2. According to Chad, something overheated and apparently that’s a bad thing.

So without a car we had to scramble to get a few needed errands done this week. And part of that scramble included walking home from an appointment. I gotta admit this wasn’t too too bad because it was only a couple of blocks and it was a beautiful day.

Pretty romantic jaunt if I do say so myself. A much needed reprieve from the stress of our recent crisis’.

Then as I write this Chad is home from work because the company car’s AC is out. And I’m sitting here typing this while my back right wisdom tooth is just throbbin’ away.

Yeah, it’s been a long couple weeks!Β πŸ˜€

Since blogging almost 2 years, I’ve begun to see life differently. Now when crisis hit or weird things in my life happen, I ask myself,”Would this make a good blog??” For example:

1. Did your water heater die and car bite the dust on the SAME DAY? Blog it!

2. Did you leave a cup of coffee in the dead car for three days? Drink it and blog the results! (After googling the effects of three day old coffee on the bodyπŸ˜‰ )

3. Has your stubborn cat refused to take her pill and you are about to pull your hair out? Send her to her aunt’s house with pill instructions and go on vacation! (OK, some situations don’t merit a good blogπŸ˜› )

It’s like I’ve begun to say recently, “It’s not a crisis, it’s a bloggertunity!”

Chad recently ran with this concept and on my birthday presented me with new internet domains with “bloggertunity” in the address. I don’t know what we’ll do with these, but I’m kicking around a couple of ideas I’ll share later.

So dear reader, if you are having trials in your life, don’t think of them as crisis….they are just bloggertunities!! So just start writing and keep watch for the rainbow to burst through the clouds.

I’m rooting for you. Remember you are never alone.πŸ˜‰




The One Where Lulabelle “Practices” Restraint…..

Chad and I just went to the store to get stuff for my Gourmet Smore’s birthday party that will be held on Saturday.

I kind of wish we had waited to buy stuff till the day of because now I have to NOT eat any of it for 3 days.

I don’t think I thought this through!πŸ˜›


Here we have a few packages of Hershey’s snack size mini’s, graham crackers, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups (most likely the first to go if I have a cravingπŸ˜› ), strawberry marshmallows (We wanted Peeps, but we were told they were out of season. Something tells me this is a lieπŸ˜› ), Pumpkin Spice Oreos (Doy!) and Star Bursts.

Check back on Monday for some photos and recap of the event.πŸ™‚