Lulabelle Cooks Without A Net (YouTuber Edition): Honey Mustard Chicken……

(Today’s entry is based off of a recipe I found online by YouTuber Colleen Ballinger–AKA Miranda Sings. You can find the original recipe here)

Last night I tried a recipe I found on Colleen Ballinger’s YouTube channel for Honey Mustard chicken. The original recipe called for the chicken to be marinated in the honey mustard sauce, but since it’s us and we didn’t have much time last night, I decided to make the sauce be more of a dipping condiment.

Here are the ingredients you are gonna need:


The mason jar on the far left is filled with hot pepper flakes. HPF don’t appear in the original recipe, but we enjoy heat so I threw some in.

Start with one cup mustard and honey. Mix together and add in a shake of salt, pepper and 1 teaspoon of curry. Mix well and add in garlic and HPF if you want. Adjust all ingredients to your liking.

After making this sauce I wondered if it would go well with crackers as I’ve dipped crackers in hot mustard before and it was delicious.

This mustard sauce was no different! It goes well with chicken and crackers and I bet it would also go well with pretzels as a lite snack.

Bon-Appetite’ Y’all!

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Christmas With Riley Episode 1……..

Because we have cats, we have to do Christmas trees a little bit different. Here is what I came up with last year.

Christmas Tree

Yes, I made a construction paper Christmas tree and taped it to our TV because our TV doesn’t work. My thought process was that if I put it on the TV, it would be out of the way and not get ruined.

This year I got it out again and put it back on the TV. You know, out of the way and up from the newest pair of ginsu knife paws.

Yeah. That worked out really well.😛

Can you see what is missing??


Yep. It seems Riley saw the tree on the TV as a personal challenge and as he’s practicing to be on the Kitten version of America Ninja Warrior, he wasted no time in jumping up on the screen to steal the star.

I had managed to tape over all the ornaments, but for some reason, decided to only secure the star with a piece of tape.

Rookie mistake.😛


Nothing like starting off Monday by navigating naked on all fours through the kitchen trying to find the drain stopper that mysteriously vanished from the edge of the tub–of course this discovery was only made after I was running the water into the bathtub and about to climb in.

Earlier in the day I accidentally made a trash bag out of an empty bag that still had residual catnip inside it from a recently acquired cat toy.

The end result was Little Boy Kitty tearing into said bag of trash, pulling out the contents and then running from the scene of the crime.

We have our hands full.😛


*In case you wondered why the blog was late today. I was trying to photograph something with my built in camera when Riley decided he wanted a picture of his bum.  #HesSuchABoy😛

Lulabelle Reviews: Pumpkin Pie Poptarts…….

*Blog contains affiliate link

We were given good news and bad news this weekend.

The bad news is that Pumpkin Spice Oreos are no longer available in the Wabash Valley (at least at the one Walmart and Meijer where we looked). This really bummed me out as I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.

The good news is that I married Chad and because he couldn’t find Pumpkin Spice Oreos, he bought the next best thing. Pumpkin Pie Poptarts! I had never had them so today I thought I’d do a little review on them.

Appearance: Like a regular Poptart with icing and orange, brown and yellow flecks sprinkled on top.

Smell: Like leftover pumpkin pie you get out of the refrigerator the day after Thanksgiving and promptly eat for breakfast. But only after telling your kids that pumpkin pie is not an appropriate breakfast. Because of this you have to get up at 7am before your kids discover the leftover pie in the fridge and question your life choices.

Taste: Like pumpkin pie that that you could theoretically get at a gas station that comes pre-packaged in plastic wrap and because it’s been exposed to the light, has degraded so it tastes a tiny bit stale. With a slight play-doughy aftertaste that you realize is in every Poptart you’ve ever eaten but up until this point in your life you’ve been in denial as to its existence.

I wonder if toasting them would have any change in their overall taste or smell.

I’ll be right back…….

Oh boy. If anything toasting made the playdoughy smell more prominent. Yikes. Kinda don’t want to taste them now…..but for the sake of the blog…….

So the taste is actually not that bad. More like pumpkin pie. And so far no play-doughy aftertaste.

Yep. My mistake was not toasting them before hand.

Bon-Appetite’ Y’all!!


**Poptarts did not sponsor this review. All Poptarts were purchased by our hard earned pennies. Although I’d really respect the poo out of any company that agrees to sponsor a review that is less than favorable.😉


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LAFF On Sunday: **Baby Products Perfect for Cats!!

*Affiliate link contained below

**Of course this is not an entry I’m taking seriously. I just had the idea to see how many baby products, at least in theory, could be used on cats. I have no intention of using any of the items below on our furkids and don’t recommend you do either. Basically, don’t try any of this at home, kids.😉

Nosefrieda: Ok, maybe I came across this product a few years ago and maybe I insert it into any conversation I can, whether it is relevant or not. This is what it looks like: (sidenote: Why this can be found at ToysRUs is beyond me😛 )

A Nosefrieda is a new fangled device for extracting snot from your little tot. Why would this be useful in cats, specifically Riley? Well, it seems little boy kitty constantly has a snotty nose. Now granted, his snot is typically dry and flaky, so maybe this wouldn’t be the best extraction tool, but you don’t know till you try, right?

Gasdrops: The odor that comes out of Little Boy Kitty’s bum, without warning, merits something. And they are all natural, so they can’t be bad for them, right? (Translated: Yes, I’ve tasted them before. I was curious. Tasted mostly like licorice. Also, please GOD let this work to end the stomach churning olfactory nightmare!😛 )

Mobiles: Used for over the baby crib to assist with sleep, a mobile would still be useful for cats as an entertaining play alone tool. Barring any small parts that can be ripped up by kitty claws or teeth.

Diaper Genie: Now I know, this one seems out there, but stay with me, let me explain. Did you know that kitten poop is different in smell then adult cat poop?

Yeah. True story.

It’s a stench so foul I can’t think of any comparisons at the moment. And the smell wafts its way through the house even after little boy kitty is done doing his thing. I wish there was a way that we can train him to spray air freshener after he unloads such a foul smelling load.

Or maybe we just need to move the litter boxes to no longer be kitchen adjacent.😉


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Grandpa Sommers

I know I normally write a funny post on Fridays. Today however I wanted to share something my cousin wrote to pay tribute to one of the sweetest people I ever knew; my grandpa Sommers. May this story of his life inspire you to live with purpose and without fear. You are loved. You matter. You have a Purpose.(Oh and PS: the chainsaw my grandpa had in his hand was running. Yep. Bada**😉 )

Oh crap, it's tomorrow

My Grandpa Sommers fell out of a tree and died right before his 98th birthday. Yep, you read that correctly. HE FELL OUT OF A TREE AND DIED AT THE AGE OF 97. (With a chainsaw in hand, might I add.)

This happened in October 2010.

Now I could probably spend a good ten blog entries writing about my Grandpa Sommers, since he was an intriguing soul. He prepared people’s taxes in his home well into his 90s, and was a retired minister and farmer. He got up early and went to bed late. He sang beautifully. He was affectionate–not afraid to hold my hand or give tight hugs. He was soft spoken and only used rotary telephones. He answered the phone, “Sommers’ residence,” instead of saying a boring hello. He loved building things, gardening, and planning and completing projects around the home and outdoors.

He was thoughtful and frugal…

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