Merry Freakin’ Christmas…..

Well, it’s almost here.


That time of year when we get together with family and just relax and enjoy each other’s company.

But before that, I have a to-do list as long as the line to see Santa Clause in A Christmas Story and the stress is really getting to me. Seriously.

Just this week, I’m sure out of stress, I threw up a liquid-gel that I was taking to try to stave off sinus sickness AND yesterday I pulled a muscle in my shoulder.


I was washing dishes. You know, how we all pull muscles in our shoulders at one point after becoming adults. 😛 It would appear as though at this point God is just throwing in random stuff to give me good blog content, which I can respect. But it’s beginning to get on my nerves, to be honest.

Even the thought of dragging out our faux Christmas tree and setting it out on the porch was too much to think about. So I improvised. Along with blog content, our Lord and Savior provided a makeshift place to put our Christmas tree ornaments this year. The vessel in question was a long forgotten weed that won’t die, rising up from the side of our porch.

So on Monday afternoon I threw some ornaments on it with masking tape and called it a day. By Friday afternoon, even our Christmas Weed felt the stress of the holiday. Take a look: 


(Monday’s lookin’ all like “We got this! Merry Christmas!” Friday? Friday’s like, “We tried Lord. And we are done.” 😛 ) 

Yeah. You know it’s a stressful time when the top of your Christmas Weed just gives up. (And yes, that IS a sushi ornament covered in glitter. As I got it in an ugly ornament exchange, I have no idea where it was purchased. Praise baby Jesus for Google.)

The holidays are a particularly stressful time, full of anticipation, excitement, and expectation. All of which can make stress worse than any other time of the year. 

My favorite Christmas carol is “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.” I grew up singing this in church, but it wasn’t until I was an adult that I really listened to the lyrics. My heart leaped at the words of the 4th verse:

“And ye, beneath life’s crushing load, Whose forms are bending low, Who toil along the climbing way with painful steps and slow, Look now! For glad and golden hours come swiftly on the wing. O rest beside the weary road, And hear the angels sing!”

Edmund Sears wrote this poem, that later became a song, in 1849. Back then life was no doubt different from what it is today with our modern technology and way of life. But stresses still remained.

The last lyrics of this verse have remained with me and are my favorite: “Oh rest beside the weary road and hear the angels sing.”

All these years later it reminds us all to slow down.


And appreciate the beauty around you. Even among the festive weeds, puke and pulled muscles. 

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!