LAFF: Snippets of Life……

It’s been what, aΒ month since I’ve blogged? Ah, so much has happened on Walton’s mountain (except our last name isn’t Walton, I just miss that show πŸ˜‰ ). Let me just give you a few snapshots of what’s been going down. I’ll probably flesh some of these out in future blogs…..if I ever get enough time to get around to it. πŸ˜‰

  1. Riley experienced his first crush. Followed by his first heartbreak.
  2. I increased my working hours per day and just completed my first 30-hr a week work week ever. This is probably the biggest reason why I haven’t blogged in about a month.
  3. Our 1 yr-old niece (best friends’ baby) said Chad’s name for the first time this week. The fact that she kept saying it as she stuck her finger in her nose was not at all coincidental. πŸ˜€ We haveΒ therefore Christened him Uncle Booger.
  4. Said niece also said my name. Without mining for nose gold.Β  (This part did disappoint me ever so slightly. πŸ˜› )
  5. I woke up this evening with a GIANT pimple on my forehead. Stay tuned to see if it turns into a unicorn horn. #FingersCrossed And finally……
  6. Due to stress and the genetic lottery I won 37 years ago, It seems I have been rendered lactose intolerant. #YayBiology πŸ˜› #Sarcasm #DairyWasMyFreakinLife

So that is what life has been like the last month. Write a comment below about what you think will happen to us in the next month. πŸ˜€


LAFF On Sunday: From A to B: The Art of DJ’ing (And Why I’m Not One…..)

Blogger’s note: The regularly scheduled post for today on the subject of April the Pregnant Giraffe has been postponed till next week because it was accidentally eaten by WordPress and it won’t spit it back up for me. #Rude!

I only hope she can hang on one more week! πŸ˜›

When I was in high school I decided I wanted to be a radio DJ. I was obsessed with listening to the radio (this was before social media and we needed something to do :-P) and my mom and I would listen to the radio every morning on the way to school.

I loved listening to the morning DJ’s and thought that would be a fun job. (Excluding the fact that at that time I was NOT a morning person and still am not. But at that point I figured I’d be more of a morning person when I became an adult.)

(I’m still waiting…..)

So I was excited to take a radio class in college. This class taught us about the history of radio and how to use all the equipment in the studio. As a bonus, each student had their own radio show block on the campus wide radio frequency.

This was the most exciting part for me. My radio DJ’ing dreams were about to come true and I planned to CRUSH IT!!

For the next few months I ran a 30-minute radio show once a week and LOVED it. Each week I became more confident in my DJ’ing abilities and more comfortable with the equipment.

The semester wore on and I continued my show.

One day after I returned to my on campus apartment after doing my show, I found a message on the whiteboard on my front door. It said the following:

“Listened to your show tonight. Great music, but I never heard you talk.”

Well, crap on a cracker, that’s not good!


Because my radio show was a mix of music with TALKING. I’d give you fun interesting facts about the world, and even held a campus wide trivia contest one night……which no one ever won because, well, apparently I suck at radio-ing.

So how in the world did I go months and months doing my show without realizing no one could hear me?? Simply this…….


Let me explain. At the time I was in college we weren’t entirely digital yet and had to use an old-school board to get our shows to air. The board came with two important buttons, one marked A, the other marked B.

Now we had learned what each button did, but I guess this information squeezed out of my brain when it came time to actually apply what I had apparently learned.

In my brain it went like this: Push A to start your show and B to end it. Because, you know, that’s the order they are in the alphabet so clearly this makes sense. Right?


In reality, the A button stood for “Audition” or “push this button when you want to hear what you sound like in studio but no one else can hear it.” B meant “Broadcast” or “push this button if you want to allow people outside the studio to hear you!!”


So that, dear readers, is why I am not a radio DJ and am instead a blogger.

Fewer buttons to push and not as much risk for public humiliation.

Or something. πŸ˜›



LAFF On Sunday: Sleep Deprivation and Porch Light Coffee…..

I’m sitting here on Sunday evening at our local Denny’s restaurant waiting for our business meeting to start regarding our new taxi cab business.

I’m in my pajamas.

It was a dare.

That I jumped on enthusiastically.

The weird thing is NO ONE is batting an eyelash. Seriously, I fit right in with the Sunday evening crowd.

Go figure.

I’m doing my Friday blog on Sunday because honestly, with this new job, things have gotten a bit crazy on our end. How crazy? Yeah, about that. We came home from a night out last week, got the keys out to open the front door and found this:

Porch Light Coffee

Yeah. We had a cup of to-go coffee stuck on top of our porch light. It was leftover from a business meeting we had 4 DAYS EARLIER. We came home that night and Chad’s hands were full, so he stuck his cup of to-go coffee on top of our porch light in order to have hands free to unlock the door.

And forgot to grab the coffee before he got into the door. And I know what you are thinking and yes, I DID think about drinking the coffee and doing a blog about it, but that particular porch light attracts most of the bugs we get on our porch, so I quickly decided that would have been a bad life choice.

Starting a business from scratch is hard work. It takes perseverance (which 9 times out of 10 includes sleep deprivation), persistance and drive. And lots of caffeine.

Just try to remember to take it off the porch light before you drink it. πŸ˜‰


LAFF: Holy Shiatsu!…….

This weather has been mighty strange lately. This week it hit 60 degrees. In February. In winter. Tomorrow it is supposed to snow.

This kind of weather can be brutal on your joints when you reach a certain age. Like 37. So I could really use a massage. But unfortunately, a massage isn’t in the budget this week. So I had to think outside the box.

And outside that box was Riley. Our youngest cat. In all his farty, water bowl dumping glory.

Things started out well, he jumped on my back and walked up and down my sore muscles. Melting away the pain. Then, things uh, took a turn. And now I need a bit of advice……

Does anybody know how to get an ambivalent, farty cat off your back??


If I can figure this out, I’ll blog again on Monday. Wish me luck! πŸ˜›


LAFF: Where Lulabelle Anticipates Oreo’s Next Flavors…….

Today I opened my Facebook feed and discovered Oreo has decided to add to their many flavors. Today they introduced PEEPS Oreos. (**And yes I will be doing a review as soon as I can get my hands on them.)

So today I thought I’d try to anticipate the next new flavors Oreo will come out with. And I’m dragging you along for the journey. You’re welcome!

Banana: Because they haven’t come out with this one yet and I believe this is forthcoming. Also I am obsessed with banana flavoring. I blame my *mom.

Kale: It’s trendy. It’s healthy. It’s green and it helps you poop. Now available in cookie form. Huzzah!

Tutti-Frutti: This one will use a traditional chocolate cookie and the cream will have the multi-colored look of a glittery galaxy.

Toothpaste: Taking a nod from Bean-Boozled, this flavor is not unlike the mint flavor already on the market, but will carry the extra benefits of freshening your breath and preventing cavities. #DentistEndorsed

PEZ: This unidentifiable fruity flavor selection will have an extra element of fun. Squeeze the cookie and a tiny square of cream will shoot out the side and into your mouth.

Bacon: This one probably won’t go over well. How do I know? Because for my birthday party this year (that I forgot to blog), we had a gourmet Smore’s party and bacon was one ingredient that I was totally excited to try. Unfortunately, the bacon totally over powered the cookie and there was no balance at all.

Much like Congress after this last election.

Carrot Cake: Are you a traditional bride, but want to save on the cost of wedding cake? Look no further! These use the cinnamon Oreo as opposed to the Golden and have a cream cheese carroty filling. (And after writing that description, I kinda want this to become a thing.)

Ghost Pepper: Another trendy food that has made the rounds on the internet in the form of challenges. The twist in this flavor is that the pepper is in the chocolate cookie and the heat is **kinda** dampened by the cream on the inside. This one will more than likely come with a warning and will not be available for purchase if you are under 18.


*When I was a kid and was hungry, my mom would recite a litany of available foods in the house. The first thing on the list was always bananas. We ALWAYS had them. Years later I found out my mom HATES bananas but eats them daily because they are good for you. #StubbornButHealthy

**March 8, 2017–So I just discovered the PEEPS flavor of Oreo uses the Golden oreo, so unfortunately due to my crazy allergy, I’ll not be able to do this one.

LAFF On Saturday: I SCreamed, “Voter Fraud!!”………

With all the talk about voter fraud and illegal voting floating around lately, I decided it would be a good idea to be more vigilant. So, in the spirit of “see something, say something,” today I wanted to expose a fraudulent vote that I happened to find. #Disgraceful πŸ˜›Β 


LAFF On Sunday: The One Where Lulabelle Rednecks an Expensive Colon Cleanse……..****

Colon cleanses. They are a big thing in Hollywood (at least they were two years ago) and apparently it cleans you out and helps you feel less bloated and gross and gives you a tinier waist.

But they are SO expensive. What’s a girl to do? (Besides giving up on impossible Hollywood beauty standards and embracing your curves πŸ˜‰ ). Wonder no further. I just figured out a way to get that same cleansed feeling without spending lots of cash.

Eh, sort of. Read on……

1. Go to Subway (or any sandwich shop of your choice) and order a sandwich. I feel like any variety will do as long as it has meat and flat bread.

2. Take the sandwich home, put it in the fridge and forget about it for about 5 days.

3. After taking it out of the fridge after 5 days, you’ll notice a spongy texture to the flat bread. Eat about half of the leftover sandwich. Discard the rest.

4. Wait about 12-18 hours (in which time you’ve also consumed a pizza with broccoli and cauliflower as toppings) and you’ll begin to feel the effects of the digested sandwich (spurred on by the broccoli and cauliflower pizza) run right through you. Staying near a bathroom is critical.

Clear your schedule. You’re gonna be toilet-bound for a while. You might want to download Scrabble or Candy Crush on your smart phone to play while you wait. Also, expect to have cramping and gas. But think of the end goal…….

When it’s all over your colon will be wiped squeaky clean and your jeans may fit slightly better.

It’s a win-win! πŸ˜›


***Yeah, It was food poisoning. Don’t try this at home. At the time of this writing I am fully recovered and enjoying Chocolate covered Strawberry Oreos which I shall review soon. πŸ™‚

The photo above of a ferret pooting a rainbow was made by me for a friend’s birthday. I though I would share it here to make you smile. πŸ˜‰