LAFF: Accidental Science Experiments….

**This week is National Suicide Prevention Week, a cause that is the reason why I started this blog last February. All this week, I will be collaborating with the Etsy store, The Leaf Pile to help raise money for To Write Love On Her Arms, a non-profit organization that is “dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.” The owner of The Leaf Pile is doing a 30 day art challenge and will be posting artwork every 5 days in her store for purchase during this month, with every $5 going directly towards TWLOHA***

**This week only she is also donating 25% of all sales on her ENTIRE site to TWLOHA

***ALSO September 10 (tomorrow) is WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY and The Leaf Pile will be offering a large piece 9×12 for $30 ($15 of which will go directly to TWLOHA)

The last two months of our lives have been a blur. Adopting Riley, my foot accident, and Chad starting a new job at a new company have turned out lives upside down.

Just how busy have we been?

I present to you Exhibit A:


I see you are confused. Let me walk you through this.

Yes, this is a picture of a bowl of carrots in a dirty microwave. (Pay no attention to the dirty microwave 😛 ). Why is this the symbol of too much busyness in our lives? Because this is what awaited Chad as he attempted to heat up frozen baked chicken last week. It’s not every day you open the microwave and are greeted with cooked food. It would have been somewhat of a miracle if not for the fact that the carrots had been in there for three days.

Yeah. I told you, we were busy. Let me explain:

Chad called me a few nights ago to say that he’d be home for dinner and could I start by nuking some carrots in the microwave? Of course I could and did. After they were done cooking, I left them in there to stay warm because Chad hadn’t come home yet.

Can you see where this is going?

Yep, Chad was actually unable to make it to dinner and we both COMPLETELY FORGOT about the carrots until we were making dinner 3 days later and discovered them, sad, soggy and a little bit moldy.

We learned two things from this experience:

1. We may never be able to enjoy cooked carrots again without feeling tinges of guilt


2. We may desperately need a vacation!

One thought on “LAFF: Accidental Science Experiments….

  1. So #relatable. Our microwave is above the stove and it’s also a convection oven so I feel the window has a heavier tint and we can’t leave meat out (especially chicken thanks to O’Neill the cat) so after we bbq’d a bunch of bone in breasts (organic I mu$t add) we put half in the microwave. The DH cleaned up the kitchen spic and span and the next morning we realized the meat had been there all night, out it went. Sad.

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