When Awkward Dating Profile Photos Turn into Happily Ever After….

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. 8 years ago last month I was perusing profiles on ChristianCafe.com, a Christian online dating website. One particular profile picture stood out to me:


Now to be fair, there were two photos on his profile that were of his actual face, but the one of a cat drinking out of toilet, a look of no regret on it’s face, definitely piqued my interest and made me laugh so hard I had toΒ  get to know him further. So I sent him a message:

“Hi, I enjoyed reading your profile and thought I’d drop you a line and say hello. Hope you have a great day!” (Ok, this isn’t verbatim what I wrote, but it’s close to what I could remember. I had thought I had this conversation saved, but alas, I did not 😦  )

Oh man, now I am forever grateful that he disregarded my awkward, pithy delivery and wrote me back. πŸ˜›

For the next month we wrote back and forth. I came to find out that the man who posted the funny picture of his cat shamelessly drinking out of the toilet on his profile page was also an amazing writer. With an even zanier, quick wit. He was kind, generous and really funny.

I was hooked. I’d even wake up at 6:00am on a SATURDAY to chat with him in real time.

6AM….ON A SATURDAY!! If that doesn’t say TRUE LOVE, I don’t know what does! πŸ˜›

And so our first date-in person-commenced a month later….which led to more dates.

Fast forward 5 years, including almost 3 long distance, and we stood up in fancy clothes, before God, and our friends and family and vowed to support and love each other under one roof till death parts us.

Almost 3 years in and I am forever grateful that I clicked on that profile picture.

So dear reader, if you are contemplating doing the online dating thing–I know, it can be pretty intimidating–set standards and keep them high, but also keep an open mind.

I promise you’ll be glad you did. πŸ˜‰


Flying wedding

**Our favorite wedding photo appears courtesy of Ryan Miller and our personal archives


*Affiliate link for Christian Cafe used. All opinions are my own.



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