Lulabelle Reviews: Lays Flavor Swap Contender: Sweet Southern Heat Barbecue…..

Picture this: A beautiful, quirky woman appears on a video screen, announcing she is doing a review on potato chips. Right on cue, a cat’s face appears in frame, meowing for attention. The woman then flies into multi-task mode, attending to the cat’s needs and showing off the product she’s reviewing. The video was so well done, it could have been a commercial. No, I’m serious. Stop laughing. 😛

Why am I asking you to picture it? Because I lack the skills necessary, apparently, to convert the review video filmed on my ipad into a compatible format that WordPress will accept. 😦 And yes to prep for my video debut I did my hair, changed my shirt and put on almost a full face of makeup (I even freakin’ BRONZED my face!!) Behold the high quality:

Photo on 2016-03-22 at 01.25

Purdy, ain’t it? Well, let’s just try and get passed (past? Grrr….it’s 2am and I can’t remember. Correct me in the comments) this and just be glad that in the video I only ate one chip so I have more to work with here.

Upon opening the bag, the aroma is not unlike regular BBQ potato chips. A potato smell with a tiny bit of spice.

The chip itself is thin and crunchy. The initial flavor is BBQ spicy, but the zing lingers on the tongue for a hot minute (ba-da-bum 😀 ) before sliding to the back of the throat. There is also a subtle smoky sweetness that reminds me of when I was a kid and we’d go to my grandpa’s for BBQ every summer. He’d prepare it the old fashioned way, outside in a big smoker/griller thingy……

Oh man, I just ate another chip and got a hint of nostalgia for simpler times. For when we’d visit grandpa and grandma B and have BBQ chicken and my grandma’s famous peanut butter pie. After lunch we’d go play outside on the swing or stationary bike (it was kept outside for some unknown reason. Probably using the same logic that makes some people in the south keep their washer/dryer units outside on the front porch. You don’t understand why, but you also don’t question it 😀 ).

So thank you Lays, for helping me remember my childhood and simpler, more wholesome times. Like before Donald Trump had any political aspirations.

I’m giving this flavor two enthusiastic thumbs up and hope it sticks around.


*FTC Disclaimer: This blog was not sponsored by Lays. All products were purchased for personal use.

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