Agendas and Near Death Experiences…..

On the agenda today is twofold:

1. Bag up trash for removal tomorrow. Honestly with this night shift business, and just getting back from vacation, I’ve mixed up my days and nights on numerous occasions. Today I mixed up my days of the week. I had in my head that trash was to be picked up today, but it’s actually tomorrow so I have another chance to do the right thing.

2. This next item is just a goal as it may not get completely finished today. It all depends on the willingness of the subject. And in the past, she’s not been so willing.

Today I shall attempt to clean the youngest cat’s ears.

May God have mercy on my soul!

Oh and I’m actually multi-tasking at the moment. Blogging and installing cookies on my computer. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Photo on 2016-03-22 at 19.37

Happy Tuesday! May you also get all the things done on your To-Do List.


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