LAFF: Stewardship and Questionable Cat Parenting Decisions……#NotSponsored

Last week we attended our nieces 1st birthday party. On our way home at 9pm, we realized we needed to pick up TWO items at our local CVS. So we stopped into the store, meaning to only pick up the TWO items needed and then headed home.

We got home at 10pm. So WHY did it take an HOUR in the store when we only needed TWO items?

Two words that made our inner Mennonite extremely happy: Extra Bucks.

CVS Extra Bucks are printed out as coupons on your receipt when you check out and can be used right away. And we used the poo outta them. We just kept remembering things we “needed”. Our lives wouldn’t have been the same had we not brought home that lipstick, ELF face brush, a cartload of conditioner, and bag of chocolate.

And when we heard that the Christmas gift we had wanted to purchase for Riley was on clearance, we jumped at the chance to procure it. However, he was a little less enthused.


Yes, I realize this isn’t the best photo, but it’s the only one we were able to get. Riley only had this sweater on for a minute and as soon as this picture was taken it was removed.

And we learned that some cats aren’t meant for sweaters. 😛

Happy Weekend!

FTC Disclosure: The brands mentioned in this blog were purchased with our own money. This post was not sponsored.

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