How To Bride…..To the Woman Who Wants to Redo Her Wedding

Happy Wednesday! We woke up this morning and stepped outside to run a few errands. Boy howdy, I tell you that warm sun hit our faces and for a moment I thought our house had been picked up in the middle of the night and plunked down somewhere in Florida! But looking around, I saw nary a palm tree, so it was all in my head. I hate when that happens! 😛

Let’s talk about weddings. Our society is obsessed with weddings. Every detail is scrutinized and planned to the letter. The sentence I hear over and over is this from brides: “The day has to be just PERFECT!”

I’ve been watching “Say Yes to the Dress” on Hulu for the past few days. It’s a great show if you love anything related to weddings. The premise of the show is this: engaged women come through the doors of a posh wedding dress boutique and try on dress after dress, looking for the perfect one. Budgets are discussed as well as certain aspects of their upcoming wedding, like date and location (some locations would require certain styles; ie-light and airy for a beach wedding, a dress with sleeves for Mormons marrying in the Temple…ect…)

One thing I’m always curious about is the price and budget for these dresses. Most of the time the budget and cost of the dress could have fit inside my entire wedding several times over.

There was one recent episode that drew my attention. Titled, SYTTD: Second Time Around, it focused on couples that were renewing their vows or getting married for the second time. One couple in particular caught my attention. The bride-to-be came into the boutique and said she and her husband of two years were going to do their wedding over again. Why? Because she hated the first one. Seriously. She described her wedding day as a “huge disappointment.” “Everything that could go wrong went wrong!” She also stated that above everything else, she hated her dress. At one point she described the moment when the groom split his pants down the middle.

Now, I understand if something traumatic occurred such as a death or accident that put a dent in the wedding. Or maybe she was unable to make any decisions on her own because someone took over her wedding (I’ve heard of this happening and the couple has plans to one day re-do it) And shows like this are edited artfully, so if that is the case, then there may have been another element of their day that was cropped out. But I’ve lived enough to know that there are brides with this attitude. And they need a reality check. So, to the bride that is disappointed with her wedding……

Mistakes happen in EVERY wedding. I know a wedding where the cake bakers frosted the cake immediately after it was out of the oven. If you are unfamiliar with the science behind baking cakes, frosting it straight out  of the oven should NOT be done. Why? Because the frosting will melt and will make the cake actually FALL IN! Fortunately the mother of the bride was able to save the day by propping the cake up with toothpicks. Oh, and this was the NIGHT BEFORE the wedding.

In another wedding, the day before when the groom’s family was traveling to the bride’s hometown for the wedding, they had to bring one of their dogs with them because she was sick. Well, the dog ended up barfing on one of the grooms men’s shirts–the one that he’d be wearing IN the wedding.

Years after your wedding, these are just some of the elements that, while stressful at the time, provide entertaining anecdotes for family and friends for generations to come.

But the most important thing you are doing on your wedding day, the most important element–getting married. Marriage vows are sacred and not meant to be taken lightly. I would even suggest that couples prepare for marriage as much as they do finding the perfect dress, cake and venue. Consider several months of premarital counseling before the big day. There are even some places that won’t marry you without this requirement.

So on your wedding day, when you are putting on your $7,000 Christian Louboutin shoes and your $15,000 Lazaro dress, keep in mind what it’s all about. And what your life will be after the wedding. When all the glitz and glam disappears.




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