Don’t Make Me Turn This Blog Around…..STOP IT!

Ah! So today’s scheduled funny post is being postponed till probably next week so I can address some of the adults in my life.

Now, I know that we all have differing opinions, but, as I’ve learned this week, some of the ways we express those opinions have real life repercussions. Let me explain. Today I saw this article written by one of my favorite Christian bloggers, Rachel Held Evans. The first paragraph of her post broke my heart and filled me with anger:

“It’s been reported that in the wake of all the controversy surrounding North Carolina’s HB2 “bathroom bill,” calls to transgender suicide hotlines have more than doubled. A quick glance at my Facebook timeline would explain why, as the amount of fear and misinformation being spread about transgender people seems to be reaching a dangerous peak.”

Let me spell that out again; the debate this week over transgenders in the bathroom have made this already marginalized and ostracized community feel more afraid, and less safe in their own environment, to the degree that suicide seems to be a “good” solution (when of course in reality this is the absolute worst solution). And it’s not because of the policies that have been put in places like Target. It’s because of the way some of those those opposed to the policies have shown their opposition.

THIS is why I’ve been so passionate this week. Transgendered people are people. It’s just not a matter of having their feelings hurt. They are a people group that is repeatedly harassed and ridiculed (whether by being called “he-she’s” or with memes demeaning them by showing people poorly dressed in drag.) We would never think of passing a meme around of an overweight kid and calling him names…..Do we not see that this is the SAME THING??

Even today after posting the Evans article on my Facebook news feed, there began a fairly quick debate about the morality of transgenderism and LGBTQ persons. Young people are committing suicide because of a lack of support and the best the adults around them can do is sit on their bums and debate whether or not their lifestyle is a moral one.

This lack of concern for the people themselves is offensive and needs to stop NOW! People’s very lives are at stake! And the saddest part here is those memes and comments I’ve seen shared this week have been by ADULTS!!

Now, I understand. I get it. It’s in our human nature to maybe laugh or make a joke when faced with something we don’t understand that makes us uncomfortable. But I think there is a better approach to this issue than chuckling and posting a childish meme. Think of it this way: What if you have a child that is trying to come to grips with feeling that they’ve been born into the wrong body? Feelings they don’t understand and need parental guidance to help to navigate. But what if that same child sees you sharing these off color memes and making these comments? Do you think that child would feel safe confiding in you what’s been going on? Do you understand now why this child may attempt suicide?

It’s time for us to all grow up and band together to stand up for and show love towards these people…..who were also made in God’s image, by the way. 😉

So stand with me to save a life. We can do it.