Still Here…..

Dear friends, if you or someone you know is struggling with depression and or thoughts of suicide, please seek help. Here are some resources that you may find helpful:

The Trevor Project 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ( 1-800-273-8255)

To Write Love On Her Arms

The Hope Line

International Association for Suicide Prevention

Today’s blog is written by my husband Chad. We hope this encourages you and helps you seek help. Remember that NO MATTER WHAT that you are loved, you have worth and you matter. 

32 years ago this evening, just a couple of weeks after the end of my freshman year of high school, I was in the final stages of what I thought would be the plan to end my life. But the Lord had other plans for me, starting with getting me to drop the bottle of pills I’d planned to ingest, having me set aside the suicide note I’d written out, and telling me that He loved me.

I don’t even know where to begin in thanking Him for what He has done in my life since that time. Some of you reading this may not have even been alive 32 years ago. Some of you may wonder if God really hears us when we cry out to Him. Some of you may even be wondering if life is worth living. If the past 32 years of my life are any indication, God’s faithfulness and mercy and peace and grace for us are absolutely stunning and inexplicable and worth every moment of hardship that we may go through even as we hold onto Him and follow Him wherever He leads us.

My life since 1986 hasn’t been easy at all–in fact, it’s been downright agonizing at times–but I have seen God’s faithfulness in so many ways, big and small, far too many for me to count, and I’ve seen how He has carried me through dark days, surrounded me with what Hebrews 12 calls a “great cloud of witnesses” and has given me joy and peace that are totally beyond comprehension–believe me, I’ve tried to wrap my brain around what He has done and is doing in my life, and all I can do is sit in awed silence. I don’t know what the Lord has planned for me the next 32 years, but I hope that no matter where He takes me, I can share this message of His love, peace and hope with others. I can hardly wait.


Dear Good Morning America……

**As Suicide Awareness Month draws to a close, this is a reminder to head on over to The Leaf Pile to help raise money for To Write Love On Her Arms, a non-profit organization that is “dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.” The owner of The Leaf Pile is doing a 30 day art challenge and will be posting artwork every 5 days in her store for purchase during this month, with every $5 going directly towards TWLOHA***

Today’s blog entry is in response to this article in The Mighty.

Dear Good Morning America:

I am tired. SO tired.

In the past two years my husband and I have lost 4 friends to suicide.

We’ve stood in line to comfort grieving widows and friends of friends who for all intents and purposes were happy-go-lucky people.

One was a pastor.

One thing suicide does not do is discriminate.

I am tired. Of having suicide on the brain. But you know what I’m more tired of? National platforms, like your show, that shut down the conversation on suicide prevention because talking about suicide is awkward. It’s messy. It’s freakin’ hard to talk about.

But we HAVE to. Talking about suicide, bringing it out in the open, SAVES LIVES. Helping those contemplating suicide to realize they are not alone in the world helps to KEEP THEM HERE.

So Good Morning America, as Suicide Awareness Month draws to a close, you still have an opportunity to make this right. To put suicide awareness on the national stage.

Because for some of us, suicide awareness lasts longer than a month.