Spring Cleaning and Tweezers: Lulabelle’s Rules of Order

Hey guys guess what? Can you guess? IT’s SPRING!!! I am SO stinkin’ excited for warmer weather! I’m sufficiently coffeed and ready to rock-so let’s get this first LAFF (Lulabelle’s Anxiety Free Friday) of spring started.

Organization and constantly losing things because of the lack of the first element can be a great source of stress for someone with anxiety. This is something that I’ve struggled with my entire life. Recently one item in particular keeps going missing in my life. Tweezers.

Much like the movie Groundhog Day, I’ll buy a pair of tweezers to groom the crazy hairs on my face–lovely mental image, you’re welcome–and eventually within weeks or months they are gone. The last pair I had were just purchased last Sunday. They also went missing the same day. This should probably earn me some sort of award: World Record in Losing Stuff or something.

Before I was able to buy a new pair of tweezers, some areas of my face I tweeze managed to grow so long that I was literally able to pull out a few hairs with my BARE HANDS (holy crap, I’m Wonder Woman! ). I did try to replace them with a pair of the best tweezers on the market, but when I went into the store to buy them, I chickened out. Do I really need a pair of $23 tweezers that I’ll just lose next week? Next option please!

WIth my history of losing tweezers, when I purchased the latest replacement, I thought I’d be smart and put them in a place I’d use them regularly, and remember to keep them there. My purse. This seems like an odd place to put a pair of tweezers, but I sometimes arrive at appointments early and have to wait. While waiting, I’ll sometimes look over my face and tweeze stragglers. In my head, this made perfect sense.

So it came as quite a shock when I searched my purse and didn’t find my tweezers anywhere. I even emptied all the pockets last night and threw out all the pieces that weren’t necessary–mostly used kleenex’s and empty gum wrappers. At least my purse was cleaned out, but I was flummoxed as to where my newest tweezers ran off to. Even my oldest cat searched for them. Nothing. In the midst of cleaning out my purse, it dawned on me where they were.

“Hey Mom, they don’t seem to be under here”

I had bought them on Sunday afternoon and was on my way to a party later in the day. During the car ride over, I brought out my tweezers to make a couple minor adjustments. My husband, who was driving, stopped short at one point and the tweezers flew out of my hands and under the seat. Yes, I realize tweezing one’s face in a moving vehicle is risky, but I’ve always come out of the experience with both eyebrows completely intact so, so far, so good. Plus it helps to go with curved tipped tweezers in situations such as this.

In life you are gonna lose stuff, especially if you are like me. The way to get through this is to get creative in three ways. First, put things in places that, while unconventional, are places you’ll remember. Secondly, if you choose to tweeze in a moving vehicle, make sure your tweezers have a blunt end. And finally, if all else fails and you manage to lose your tweezers, be bold. Start a new fashion trend by braiding your chin and eyebrow hair. Then call Vogue.

I hope this entry made you smile. Feel free to share this with anyone that needs a laugh. Remember you are not alone. I’ll see you back here on Monday!