Lulabelle Eats Asia: Crunchy Rice Snack (Korea)……..

Because I just ate an entire zucchini stalk in one sitting by myself, I thought I’d reward myself with something sweet. And you get a bonus blog out of it.¬†

#WinnerWinnerZucchiniDinner ūüėõ¬†

Now I had two options left from the latest Asian food haul that showed up last night from the grocery store. A box of Everyburger chocolate biscuits and the Crunchy Rice Snack. The burger biscuits I wanted to do last because they are so iconically epic so tonight I bring you *dramatic drumroll*

Crunchy Rice Snacks: 

Smell: Like a cinnamon roll. 

Look: Puffed rice clusters that resemble corn on the cob. In a word, adorable. 

Taste: The closest thing I can compare it to is a cinnamon flavored rice cake. Not overly sweet, but a perfect balance of crunch and flavor. They make you feel good about yourself and your life choices in that you could have chosen to eat a decadent frosting covered donut, but instead, you chose this corn cob shaped grainy thing. 

And you don’t have frosting¬†covered donuts in the house anyway.¬†

**We momentarily pause the writing of this blog so that Lulabelle can add “frosting covered¬†donuts” to the grocery list.**

One thing I could see with this snack is that you could break it off from the cob, put it in a bowl and pour milk over it to make a cereal. 

And I would totally do this. 

We will definitely be repurchasing this snack if we can find it again. 

Lulabelle Eats Asia Crunchy Rice Snack
So what happened was I wanted to get a shot of them out of the package so you could see the corn cobby shape. Long story short, I was unable to cram them back inside and they now live in a large ziplock bag. ūüėõ¬†