Lulabelle’s Gift Guide To Things You Can’t Believe Are a Thing But Might Be Tempted to Buy Anyway….

One week to go before Christmas and if you are a parent, grandparent/guardian of a child or children who are driving you crazy, there is still hope for their behavior to turn around. If they still believe in Santa, you can now put his phone number in your phone and threaten to call him and give him a bad report. Now back in the day all you had to do was put Santa Clause in your contacts and show your kid the entry. It didn’t matter that the actual number went to a random “**bong bong bong!** We’re sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed…” nonsense. It would work like a charm.

Today’s kids are a bit more suspicious. This is why this time around when you dial this specific number, you actually get a message from Santa where you can leave your wishlist. Here are the digits: 951-262-3062.

The other night Chad and I attempted to finish our Christmas Gift List with a quick trip to the store. We weren’t successful in completing our list, but we did run across a few products that had us scratching our heads and wondering if we were getting Punk’d.

I’m still not sure. Here is the list of items………

Make Your Own Gross Poop!!: I saw this with my own eyeballs, but didn’t get a picture (I was apparently too much in shock), but you can find it here. This is essentially a kit where you can make fake poop as a prank. For some reason the kit includes fake corn kernels and tiny plastic flies.

Really when I saw this I thought to myself, why not just cut out the middle man and……Never mind! :-O

Movin’ on…….

Tom’s of Maine Deodorant 24 Hour Odor Protection-Apricot: Ok, this one I found (and actually used) a few months ago. Now, I’m not one to say that you can’t give toiletries as stocking stuffers. I will accept deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, Ex-Lax…..I mean, why not? You get it for Christmas then you don’t have to buy it.


So I purchased this deodorant several months ago when I ran out of my regular Arm and Hammer deodorant. I found out years ago that I’m allergic to antiperspirant, which is found in most women’s deodorant options. So I have to use men’s deodorant that doesn’t make me smell like a guy.

That severely limits what I can use.

I couldn’t find my regular deodorant one day so I picked up Tom’s of Main 24-Hour Odor Protection in Apricot. It smelled WONDERFUL, but there was one large drawback.

That 24 Hour Odor Protection claim?? Complete malarkey! It lasted at most an hour or two. Now I do admit that it may be my specific body chemistry that made this product fail, but we’ll never know because I used the entire tube and am not going to repurchase it.

That’ll show ’em. 😛

This last item I saw on YouTube a few months ago. And it’s probably the weirdest on the list:

Super Catnip Crazy Pants: I feel like I just translated into English some obscure item from Sanskrit or something. These are a pair of pants made out of crinkly material that your cat can crawl through. You can also wear them. No I’m not kidding.

All of these sentences are true. See for yourself : (Review starts at the 5:33 mark).

Of course you probably have a couple questions. Let me address them:

1. Why is there a cat toy in the shape of PANTS you can WEAR?? Yeah, I’m stumped.

Ok, you may have only had one question.

So that’s it! I hope this helps you whittle down your christmas lists.

Ho, ho, ho!!


And this, boys and girls, is why we don’t have Super Catnip Crazy Pants! 😛