Personal Goals and the Ultimate Life Hack…..

So this week I am doing a little personal experiment. Honestly I’m gonna take it one day at a time because thinking about a one-week time frame is a bit overwhelming.

This week I am gonna try to not check my blog stats. At all.

In the midst of blogging regularly-ish for the last year I’ve sometimes gotten into the trap of checking my stats multiple times a day and even thinking about what is gonna get the most views.

That’s when the Lord comes in and gently reminds me of why I started blogging in the first place and that at the end of the day, the stats don’t matter one iota.

So for the next week, I am going to just write and not worry about the numbers.

Wish me luck.

Now let’s switch gears dramatically: **Dun, Dun, Dun!!** 😀

 As it’s a few minutes from early Monday morning, I decided I’d let you in on a secret that could dramatically change how you live your life.

So, we’ve all been there. You are out at a friends house just having a good time, when it happens. You gotta go #2. So after find the bathroom, you soon realize, to your horror, that this is gonna be a two-flusher. Er, make that 3. After making a mental note to never eat frois-gois from a gas station again, you try and figure out how you are gonna MacGyver your way out of this social faux-poo (I mean pas). Especially since you are unable to find a plunger anywhere in the bathroom.

Dear readers, you never have to be in this situation again after what I am about to share with you. This is a tip I learned growing up in a house where it was frequently deployed (and I’ve been sworn to secrecy to never reveal the offending party 😉 ). I can also tell you that I grew up thinking this would only work with soft water, but have hacked it in places with hard. So what is this magical solution that will rid you of the embarrassing stigma of being “that guy”?

Three Words: Liquid Dish Soap.

Any brand will do. As long as it’s in liquid form.

Simply squirt a good amount into the bowl after realizing what you’ve already put in there won’t budge. Wait about 10 minutes and then flush your problem literally down the drain.

Now, I know what you are saying-What are you supposed to do for 10 minutes while a line forms for the loo that is currently very occupato? I made a list….

  1. Sing show-tunes at the top of your lungs to those outside. This will entertain the crowd while the soap does it’s thing.
  2. Make an announcement from the bathroom that there is gonna be a wait. Suggest someone starts a rousing game of Mafia or Pictionary.
  3. Dictate a game of Simon Says. This one will have to be done on the honor system unless the bathroom door is clear glass…in which case you really have to question the home-owners design preference for putting a toilet in a room with a see-through door.

After 10-minutes of mafia, singing and Simon Says, re-flush the toilet. Everything should go down smoothly.

So there you have it. A life hack that will get you through Monday and your next dinner party. Just make sure you keep a small bottle of dish detergent in your bathroom, your purse and your pocket when you leave the house.

Problem solved. 🙂

*Alternative way to handle clogging the toilet appears courtesy of: