MayDay Monday……

So I just grabbed a can of soup for an easy supper. One of those cans with a flip-top. I carefully lifted the tab as I had just manicured my nails. Every time I open a flip top can, I think, “Dear Lord, today is the day that, despite my best efforts at cleanly opening flip-top cans, I’ll lose control and soup will fly**SPLAT** onto the the living room carpet and land on my beloved MacBook Pro”.


Today was that day. Sort of. No I didn’t splat soup onto the carpet or my computer, but I DID manage to break the tabby thingy that you pull to open the top of the can, almost rendering the entire can useless. There was a moment that I thought of just drinking the contents, but then I wouldn’t have been able to consume the chicken deliciousness.

That would have been tragic.

Fortunately I was able to MacGyver a way to open the injured can using a regular can opener and a spoon.

Crisis averted.

So here is what I’m thinking–either A. this incident is indicative of how my week is gonna go, or B. I’ve gotten the bad part of my week over with and the next couple days will go smoothly.

For now I’m going with option B.

So to start Monday off on a good note, I offer a few words of wisdom:

1. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Seriously.

2. Ignore the haters and trolls. Someone wants to pee in your Cheerios? Move the bowl and walk away.

3. Connect with your inner-child. Do a coloring book (you can even color outside the lines 😉 ), climb a tree (with a spotter if you are of a certain age….can’t be too careful 😉 ), or run as fast as you can against the wind.



 Unlucky dog appears courtesy of google search.