Cat Parenting Product Review: Nature’s Miracle Urine Remover…..

Hey guys guess what? As of yesterday there are 2 ways to access my blog! Option one is to go to, but that is a mouthful so…..My blog is now accessible at:

I woke up yesterday afternoon and logged into my blog to discover that my wonderfully supportive husband had surprised me with purchasing A DOMAIN NAME FOR MY BLOG!! How cool is that?? I’m hoping to be able to do more things with my blog now that I have a domain name. Stay tuned! Ok, moving on…….

Before we get into our topic of the day, which relates to the following story, let me update you on how exactly the ear cleaning chore went last night.

It was a miserable fail.

As in I had to make sure I didn’t let her see me grab a q-tip because she has learned that what usually follows this is an unpleasant, albeit short, experience. So she took off running. And I waited for her to calm down and come back, cuddle on my lap and I tried again. This time I was a tad more successful, but not really because she jumped up so high I almost had her only by one of her hinds legs. She ran away again and I sat back and waited…..except she didn’t come back.

And she is now only speaking to me through her lawyer who she retained after snatching my credit card. We are now out $300. Awesome.

Did I mention it’s only Wednesday?

So after getting the cold shoulder from the youngest for the last hours of the day, I uploaded another blog, watched my shows and got ready for bed. Upon pulling up the covers on our bed, I was met with a wet situation.

Our youngest had gotten back at me for having the balls to attempt to clean her ears by peeing on only my side of the bed. On. All. My. Blankets. There were 4.

This one is indeed talented. 😛

So at 3:30 this morning, this mama was tasked with stripping the sheets on the bed and dousing the mattress cover in our go-to pee remover. Then I grabbed another blanket from the closet and prayed to Jesus that she wouldn’t jump on the bed whilst I was sleeping and make another puddle. Which leads me into our Review Of the Day:

We use Nature’s Miracle and SWEAR by it as our go-to pee remover. You can find this magical solution at pet stores and online. We purchased ours from the local farm implement store.

Nature’s Miracle boasts to remove pee stains and odor AND claims to prevent your furry pee producer from remarking the same spot twice. I’m not too sure about that last claim, but NM definitely takes care of the odor and stain of a pee accident (animal and human by the way 😉 ). It also has a pleasant-ish smell of Lava soap and honey.

It comes in several sizes. The first time we bought this we purchased the huge size that included a battery operated sprayer that was connected to the bottle. It was pretty hard core and I’m not gonna lie, while I was using it I really felt like an exterminator person or one of the guys from Ghostbusters.

The sprayer unit worked very well the first time I used it. Giving an even application and thorough soaking to the affected area. However, the second time I tried to use the sprayer unit, the batteries had died. And they had been fresh.

So I had to MacGuyver a solution because I was not going to stop using the product when there was so much left. So if you buy the biggest size and the sprayer unit craps out at anytime, do the following:

Grab a funnel from the kitchen. Grab an empty large spray bottle or go buy one if you don’t have one. After procuring these items, unscrew the top of the NM tank (it really is more of a tank than a bottle) and remove the sprayer unit from the tank.

Place the funnel firmly over the opening of the spray bottle (wait, I forgot to tell you to take the top off the spray bottle-so do that now THEN place the funnel). It’s important that the funnel fits snugly over the spray bottle because you are gonna need both hands to do the next step.

Once the funnel is secure, carefully lift the tank of Nature’s Miracle and gently pour the contents into the funnel. Making sure to not overfill and waste product. Replace the spray bottle cap and use just like you would any other spray cleaner. On bedding and carpet, make sure to fully saturate and let air dry.

And that’s it.

I hope you found this helpful if you also have a nervous pee-er in your family!


*FTC Disclaimer: This blog is not sponsored by Nature’s Miracle and the product was purchased with our own money