Money Well Spent….Viva la Gerbils!!

Hey guys, you might wanna sit down for this one. A small miracle happened at our house last evening. If you recall, I’ve written several times about how our trashcan has been stolen for unspecified reasons. The last incident happened just last week. I called the local waste management and ordered another can. Being a holiday weekend, I wasn’t expecting it to arrive until today. Just to be sure, I had my husband go out back and see if the new one arrived. It took a bit longer than just a quick peek, so I assumed the new one had arrived and he was pulling it to the safety of our back yard. 

So when he came through the door and stood in our kitchen, I was unprepared for what he told me. “So our new trashcan was delivered?” I happily asked. “Nope.” He replied. “You aren’t gonna believe this, but the original trashcan is BACK!” More specifically, my husband announced that the last can that went missing, mysteriously found its way home. 

Now the question we are trying to answer is how. I called the waste management service and they said a replacement can had yet to be delivered. So there’s just one explanation for this benevolent turn of events… had to be the gerbils. Those Nicaraguan Attack Gerbils we purchased at our local farm implement store last week have proven their worth. And now they’ll rest in our basement, being fed a steady diet of licorice, chocolate and Red Bull, while patrolling our backyard at night for any signs of hooliganism and deviant squirrels. 



Literal Red Bull selling wings courtesy of: