LAFF: Peanut Butter and Proper Labeling….Or How This Entry Could Have Been Avoided

So last weekend I attended a party at a girlfriends house. Just a bunch of women, food and wine. In a phrase this was, “my kind of party.”

Amidst wonderful conversation, I made my way over to the food table and took stock of my options. There was a veggie tray, tortilla chips, layered bean dip (yes, please!) and an amazing tray of apples that were drizzled with caramel and sprinkled with tiny chocolate chips….Yum!!

I got pretty excited when I saw a bowl of peanut butter. How excited? There may have been a combination of excited squeals and applause.

I may have also thrown some glitter into the air in celebration. I told you I was excited. Now before you think I’ve completely lost my mind over a simple bowl of peanut butter, let me explain…..

Chad is allergic to peanuts. Which also means he’s allergic to peanut butter. Now, he’s not so allergic that he can’t be around peanuts, he just can’t ingest them. This is why we don’t keep peanut butter in the house very often if at all.

This means that when we are out, or if I go out by myself and there is peanut butter, you bet your booty I’m gonna eat WAY to much of the gooey goodness. Seriously. I’ve been known to just take a spoon and eat it by the spoonful. No toast needed. Which leads me to what I happened to do next after finding this bowl of peanut butter last weekend….I asked the host for a plastic spoon, and I proceeded to scoop out an ungodly amount onto my plate. Right as I was about to take the spoon into the large puddle of peanutty deliciousness, I took a deeper look at what was on my spoon…..and discovered tiny red dots peppered throughout.

Ladies and gentlemen….It was NOT peanut butter. How did I finally confirm this? Well, when the spoon got closer to my nose, I was able to sniff out a top note that is not present in peanut butter…..savory smoke. Say WHAT??

So, I carefully put the spoon down and calmly asked the host what I had on my plate. “Oh, that’s horseradish dip!” She said, brightly.

I hate horseradish.

But I am a responsible adult (eh, I’ll just leave that in 😛 ) and I had just globbed a whole bunch of this stuff on my plate, so I grabbed some veggies and dove in.

It actually wasn’t bad. A bit tangy and I really couldn’t taste the horseradish. And I was able to get some fresh veggies into my gullet. A healthy bonus.

So what did I learn from this experience? Two things. 1. From now on if I’m unsure what something is I’ll ask, and 2. The next time there is a party thrown I will strongly suggest that all food items have clear labels on them.

Better safe than sorry. 😉



This picture of Chad and I from our personal archives has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of my blog today, but I just wanted to remind you of what can happen to a couple after almost 3 years of marriage. On date night. When the internet is down and you can’t watch your shows on Hulu. (And I promise you Chad was actually having a better time than his expression shows. I, on the other hand need to lay off the sugar 😉 )

You’re welcome! 😀