LAFF: A List of Things We Used to Take For Granted……

Our life has changed in many ways since Riley became a part of our family in June. Lack of sleep and making sure he’s not too rough with our other cat is one change. But there are a few activities we used to take for granted that take much more planning and strategy now. Case in point; tying ones shoes. Seems easy and straightforward. But add in a rambunctious kitten and you get this:


Just to reinterate, I was simply trying to tie my shoe and someone lost their little kitty mind.

I’ve also noticed that he tries to grab the string when I floss my teeth.

Seriously, this is our life now.

Another thing we take for granted? Being able to eat a meal without the constant barrage of cat noses and paws on our plates. We thought we had a solution to this. We were wrong.

Very, VERY wrong.

So we normally eat dinner in the living room on our couch. Mostly because our kitchen table is normally cluttered with stuff, but also because it’s somewhat comfortable. Well, since Riley has arrived, this has become a bit of a hazard because he’s so curious about the smells coming from the plates that he just can’t control himself. Last night our table was cleared off so we decided it’d be easier to eat at the table.

So we sat down at the table like grown ups thinking we had bucked the system and would enjoy our meal kitty free.

Again, we were WRONG!

First of all we’ve discussed putting a bell on Riley because little boy kitty is a freakin’ ninja when it comes to navigating the house. He will be in one room one minute, I leave the room thinking that he’s still in there, and he shows up in the NEXT ROOM I WALK INTO with a look on his face like, “Hey, where have you been??” So we thought of putting a bell on him just to avoid a coronary from the element of surprise. But the downside of this is that we’d have to get used to constant jangling around the house and I’m pretty sure we’d actually sleep LESS then we are now, which isn’t a lot.

So anyway, back to the nice quiet dinner Chad and I were having. Keep in mind there was food on our plates. We were dining on baked chicken and mashed potatoes.

We were deep in conversation about the state of our economy (Maybe. My mind has been full lately and my head is a little fuzzy on the details 😛 ) when all of a sudden a furry gingery head popped up from underneath the tablecloth and launched himself onto the table.

Not missing a beat, Chad says, “No Riley! Down!” as we are trying to teach him not to climb the table. (Side note: Yes I realize this will more than likely be a futile activity and we are in a way wasting our energy scooping him up off the table, but please let us just live in denial a little bit longer. Thanks. 😀 ) 

Riley, not to be outdone by being placed on the floor again, walked over to my chair and two hops later his foot was…I wish we would have been able to photograph this…. inches away from my mashed potatoes and when Chad again said, “No!” it startled him and his butt came within millimeters of the baked chicken ON. MY. PLATE. 

With that our dinner menu was changed to baked chicken….with essence of cat butt!! 

You won’t find that at KFC!  😀

So while we didn’t get a picture of this ridiculous display, we did manage to get a shot of him right after I scooped him up before he almost sat in my chicken!


We ended up having to eat in shifts to finish our meal.


So as a public service, the next time someone tells you that kittens are easy and you are over reacting to whatever craziness is being thrown your way, please direct them to this blog post.

Your sanity will thank you! 😉

LAFF: Celebrity Impressions: Kitten Edition…..

So let me break down what just happened in the living room. First, some background…..Riley not only prefers senior cat food, but enjoys stealing his sisters’ dental treats that I give her once a day.

Tonight when he was out of sight (I had no idea where he was) I got out Phoebe’s dental treats and was in the process of putting them in front of her when……

Suddenly out of freakin’ nowhere Riley comes barreling up to Phoebe much like the way Kanye West did to Taylor Swift when he interrupted her VMA acceptance speech.

Riley was all like, “Hey, I’ma let you finish these dental treats but first I wanna say that I think I am entitled to at least one dental treat per day and I’m gonna take one now….. **in between crunching treat** “Fank Yu!” **exits stage left**


Innocent face? LIES, ALL LIES!! Seriously, he’s holding a water balloon behind the chair! 😀

Photo courtesy of S-R Images and our personal archives