But Ma, She’s Our Kin…..

Chad and I don’t have cable TV. So it wasn’t until someone posted on Facebook about an episode of Who Do You Think You Are that I researched online where I could watch it.


Because the episode happened to deal with one branch of my family tree. As Katey Sagal, the Hollywood actress, sought information about her mother’s side of the family. Her mother had died when Katey was young.

It turns out that Katey Sagal is my 8th cousin.

How freak-a-deakin cool is that??

The story told on the episode is as beautiful as it is tragic. A true story of loving your enemies under excruciating circumstances. But I’m not going into details of the episode. You can watch it for free at this link: https://www.discoverygo.com/who-do-you-think-you-are/katey-sagal/? (it should be noted that this episode is still locked and can only be viewed if you have an account. It should unlock next week. I didn’t watch the episode through here but may have watched a pirated version on Youtube. As I’ve sinned enough for today, I won’t link the Youtube video, but if you can’t wait till next week Google may be able to help. 😉 ).

So today I gained a new relative. And you want to know something crazy ironic? Sagal is best known for the character she played in Married…With Children; Peg Bundy. This show was popular when I was a kid. But back then I had no idea she was my cousin.

And we were not allowed to watch the show due to some of the content.

**Cue gasps of disbelief**

So it begs the question: If my parents had known back then that we had a famous TV actress relative, would we have been able to watch the show?? I imagine the conversation would go like this,

Mom: “No. You can’t watch that show. It’s not appropriate for you.”

Me: “But ma, Miss Katey is our kin!” (I have no idea why I just gave myself a southern drawl, just go with it)

Mom: “You may watch it when you are older” (this is a parenting tactic that is deployed when you want to redirect your child’s attention in hopes that “when you are older” you forget that they gave you permission to do whatever it was that they said you were too young to do).

So welcome to the family, Katey! I hope you like large meals cooked with love, beautiful four-part harmony and a hearty resolve to get through anything life throws at us.