LAFF: BONUS BLOG!! Where I Tell You About a Poor Life Choice…..

So last night on the way home from work, I stopped into our local Cracker Barrel to peruse the candy  selection (I had a chocolate craving and am currently eating my chocolate purchase whilst writing this blog). One particular candy caught my eye and I had to buy it.

Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy.

Chad and I first saw this candy while watching one of our favorite channels on Youtube called Babyteeth4. These sisters review candy from all over the world and have eaten Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy on numerous occasions. The candy comes in a small plastic yellow container that looks like a drum can that you’d dump waste into. Around the top edges, there is plastic green goo oozing out.


The first challenge was to open the container. It took two of us to figure it out. To my chagrin, I discovered that each piece of candy was individually wrapped. Seemed to me pretty wasteful. They come in lemon, black cherry, apple and one lone blue raspberry. I feel like they need to refine their quality control process. Maybe.

Now I have tried sour candies in the past and honestly, the ones that were supposed to be really sour didn’t really do much for me. Like Shock Tarts and Sour Patch Kids and even War Heads were sour tasting to me, but they weren’t so overly sour that I couldn’t handle it. So last night when I popped in a piece of Toxic Waste candy, my expectations were pretty low. After all, this is supposed to be for kids, right? So how bad could it be??

Here is that answer in picture form:

toxic waste candy reaction

Guys, it was bad. Now there is a guide on the back of the container that asks, “How long can you keep one in your mouth?” It then has time increments as follows:

15 Seconds -Total Wuss
30 Seconds – Cry Baby
45 Seconds – Toxie Wannabe
60 Seconds – Full Toxie Head

So according to the chart I must be a bada** now because I kept that little piece of sour hell in my mouth until it was gone. But was it worth it? Even with my new found bada**ery?

I’m not really sure, but at least I got a blog out of it. 😀