Blogging When Sick: Don’t Try This At Home, Kids!

The truth about being an adult is that it’s inevitable that the week you have the most things to do, that is when your body says, “Bwhaha! I don’t think so, sucker!,” and decides to attack itself and force you to sleep, drink your weight in fluids, pop vitamin C like it’s some sort of illicit drug, and eat so much fruit that you start to sprout a teeny tiny fruit hat on the top of your head, reminiscent of Carmen Miranda. 

The actual Carmen Miranda wasn’t available at press time. Fortunately, this cat was. 


The upside is that I get to smear mentholated stuff on my chest and neck, which has always given me a weird thrill of excitement. That reminds me, it’s time to reapply. Excuse me…..

Your sickness causes you to cancel an important appointment, and you only hope and pray you are well enough to attend the social event of the year where there will be chocolate-covered Oreos and a selection of grilled meats. Seriously, it’s a can’t-miss event. 

Honestly, I blame our oldest cat. See, a few days ago I was having a great dream when all-of-a-sudden I woke up, the cat is standing over me, and my nose and cheeks were wet. She had unashamedly sneezed in my face.

I went back to sleep and woke up later feeling fine. The kitty germs didn’t sink into my body for another couple of days. It happened when we were in the middle of a wedding out-of-state. It was during the reception that I started feeling not so great. Fatigue and sore throat. But there was cake to eat, so we had to stay. 😉 I eventually found my way to the wine selections, drank a glass of red, and felt better. At least my sore throat was soothed. Which leads me to a sickness life hack: When you have a sore throat and are out of cough syrup, a small glass of wine will do the same thing (don’t drink and drive, kids 😉 ). 

So I’m trying to kick this thing out of my body by Friday. Think I can do it? What do you do to make yourself feel better when you are sick?? Let me know in the comments below! 


*Carmen Miranda cat appears courtesy of Pinterest