Christmas Delays and Lists…..

Ok, I lied. I said that yesterday’s blog would be my last in 2015. But an unexpected delay has me kinda twiddling my thumbs as Chad and I are pretty much ready to roll, we just can’t yet. So, I thought I’d move one of my planned 2016 blogs to today. Consider this a Back to the Future thing.

So, you know those lists that float around Parenting websites and Facebook titled, “Why My Kid is Crying”? Well, I thought I’d make a similar list, but use the next best thing to a kid we have: our oldest cat. So I now present to you:

Reasons Why My Cat Bit Me:

1. She saw a pin hole sized piece of the bottom of her bowl. She assumed she was dying.

2. I wouldn’t let her eat plastic.

3. I wouldn’t let her eat the string from a birthday balloon.

4. She needs to bite one person each day to meet her quota and she hadn’t yet. She actually does door-to-door sales for a new brand of skin ointment and uses her teeth as a visual aid.

5. She’s still mad that we have another cat that is younger than her and female. Never mind that the other cat is her child.

6. It’s Wednesday.

7. I wouldn’t let her get on Facebook (yes, she has a Facebook page) because I was busy typing up a list of reasons why she bit me…which is how I came up with #7.

8. She’s betting that since we’re only two days away from Christmas, Santa doesn’t have time to double-check who’s being naughty or nice, and she doesn’t want to wait for new catnip toys to tear apart…so my hand will do.

9. I asked her if she was voting for Donald Trump.

10. Because she can.

And that’s the short list.

Remember, if you are a cat parent to a high maintenance cat, you are not alone! 😉

Happy Holidays Ya’ll!!

holiday nap practice

Having more time to plan, our fearless blogger practices her vacation nap in holiday appropriate attire. 😀