Cup Size Matters……A Feline Weighloss Story Part III

Yesterday I ran across an entry I had written several months ago about trying to help our cats, especially the oldest, slim down. I actually offered tips on how to do it with food modification and exercise. I was pretty proud of myself for offering such wonderful tips.

Turns out the me from a few months ago when the entry was written didn’t know jack. Specifically when it comes to portion size and proper measurements. I really should have seen this coming, I mean, math and numbers have never been my strong suit. But it wasn’t until this last trip to the vet that I realized how big of a mistake I was making with regards to proper portions.

Just take a look:

Photo on 2016-03-30 at 19.49

The scoop on the left is what we have always used. The scoop on the right is what we are supposed to use.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is a big *ss difference!

Now in my defense I’ve only been filling up the bigger scoop halfway for the last few months…..but that’s still way too much!! 😛 When we recently made the switch to the smaller cup (it’s a 1/4th cup), I measured the old cup (it has no measurement marks on it) and discovered that it was not just one full cup, but a cup AND A HALF!!! (Eh, probably more like two, I kinda eyeballed it when I compared our actual one cup measure-because apparently I need to feel worse about this situation 😛 )

So that is where we are. This whole feline weight-loss thing is a practice of trial and lots of error. So if you are trying to get your chubby fur-kid to lose weight, take heart. Just keep consulting with your vet and follow through with their advice. Forgive yourself for mistakes made and go forward with confidence. You got this. I have faith in you. 😉