To the Poor Cricket Tossed Around By Our Cats Tonight Under the Kitchen Table…..

I’m glad that you are still alive somewhere under the rug. By the way, that was a good hiding place, and I was super impressed when you quickly crawled under there when the youngest one wasn’t looking (she’s fast, but she gets distracted easily if she sees something shiny).

A few tips for later: The oldest just got her paws on a pair of tiny night vision goggles and is a very light sleeper. It’d be best to stay hidden till morning.  Once morning arrives, proceed with caution. If things get really dicey, just play dead. Our cats are smart but have attention spans that would rival any goldfish. They will eventually get bored and move on.

And lastly, keep your cricket-y eyes peeled on the front door. The seconds it opens, run like stink towards it! That is truly the only way you can escape from the clutches of our cats. Oh, and once outside, you might want to spread a word through the cricket community to avoid the crazy house with cats.



*meme explaining why cats and venetian blinds sometimes don’t mix appears courtesy: