When You Wish Upon a Hair Piece

I think this is the most excited I’ve been about a post since I started my blog. LAFF’s (Lulabelle’s Anxiety Free Friday) are by far my favorite entries to write, as I know they are making people laugh and bringing joy to a world that can be pretty scary. Another thing about LAFF’s I’ve enjoyed is reliving funny moments from the past. The following account had my husband in stitches the other night. We’ve been together for several years, but the other night was the first he had heard this story. So, visit the restroom–better safe than sorry 😀 — pop some popcorn, pull up a seat and let’s get started.

Our story begins when I was in elementary school. Not sure exactly what grade I was in, maybe 2nd or 3rd. Several years prior I had endured a bit of brain surgery and they had to shave 1/4th of my head. After I had healed, my mom took me to her stylist to get a good haircut. From then on, my hair was no longer than right above my shoulders. I could have a pony tail and pig tails, but not much else. I desperately wanted to have longer hair. Most of my girl friends had longer hair. It looked so beautiful.

At this point my grandma B enters the story. As you recall I wrote about her the other day. She was awesome and in typical grandparent fashion, was an expert at spoiling her grandkids. I told her once I wanted a monkey for my birthday, and that year she gave me a card with a chimpanzee on the front (she was accommodating only up to a certain point 😉 ).  One year near Christmas, it must have been mentioned about my desire for long hair. We visited my grandparents every year for Christmas, and always had a big family celebration where each of the grandkids were given a stocking to open, as well as a few small wrapped gifts. 

My turn to open gifts came and I reached for a small wrapped box. Upon opening the gift, my heart leapt out of my chest. (It should be noted at this point that what was in the box has been since lost so unfortunately, no photos are available. I’m going to try my best to describe it to you–but a bit of imagination may be needed). There, in the box, contained something so glorious I could hardly imagine I was seeing it. It was a banana clip. Not just any banana clip–oh no! This banana clip had, woven into it…..human hair that extended past the end of the clip and was braided into a beautiful perfect braid! It was like a bit of magic had been performed. How did this all happen, I asked. At this point, my grandma B volunteered that she had enlisted her hair dresser of many years, to craft a hairpiece for her (favorite? 😉 ) granddaughter that desperately wanted long hair!  But one thing still puzzled me. HOW was my grandma’s stylist able to get my hair color so spot on?? At this point, it was my mom that volunteered the info that she had cut a sample of my hair WHEN I WAS ASLEEP!!

I got lots of use out of my hairpiece (incidentally, that is a sentence I never thought I’d write 😀 ). I even remember wearing it to school at least once. I believe it was on a Monday. So, I went to school Friday, with normal short hair, and arrived at school on Monday wearing this thing that completely changed my look. One more thing about this hairpiece…it had a hard time staying in–even with the aid of bobby pins. It’d be good and secure for a few hours, but if I moved around too much, it’d get loose. The one time I remember wearing it to school, I remember I was in the middle of class and felt it starting to slip. Seeing my distress, my teacher graciously allowed me to book it to the bathroom where I hurriedly assessed the situation. Looking up from the sink, I now saw about half the girls from my class staring back at me. They had gotten permission from the teacher to go with me and watch as I fixed my hair–which I still hadn’t given an explanation of how it was so long so fast.

After that day, I took out my hairpiece and put it delicately in a drawer in the bathroom. I don’t remember wearing it again, but for years it sat in the drawer, a pleasantly creepy reminder of how far a grandmother would go to making her grand daughter’s wish a reality.

Well, that wraps up another week of blogging. I hope this story made you smile.

Always remember you are never alone.


PS: Oh, and that freakin’ dress that’s gone viral? It’s obviously pink with purple polka dots. Case closed! 😉