How to Discipline Your Child With a Straight Face….

We’ve all been there; whether as a parent to a tiny human or someone that works in child-care. Your kid/charge does something bad but it’s ridiculous enough that it’s pretty funny, but you can’t laugh because if you’d do that, your kid/charge would think it was ok and keep doing it. So what’s a parent/care-giver to do? You are in luck dear readers, because I’ve thought about this, made a call out to my Facebook friends who are parents/care-givers and today I’m making a list of options. Enjoy!:

1. Bite the inside of your cheek: My go-to has been to bite the inside of my cheek ever so slightly to produce pain, but not so hard that I actually start bleeding. You can do this subtly enough while still looking at that cute tiny human mug, and still follow through with stern discipline.

2. Turn your head and take a breath: This one is slightly different than getting a hernia exam in that there is no coughing involved. Simply turn your head and take a moment and a breath to recenter yourself and focus on the task at hand.

3. Try to think about something sad: My go-to is to think of the Holocaust when I need to stop smiling or laughing. I imagine thinking about Donald Trump as our president would have the same result.

4. Try to divide 49,845 by 34,534 in your head. Remember to carry the 1. You may end up with a look of constipation on your face, but I guarantee you won’t be smiling or laughing.

5. As a last resort, try to imagine the grown version of your child doing the same thing. Peeing in the bushes doesn’t seem so funny when it’s done by a 30 yr-old, now does it?

Hope this list helps. You aren’t ever alone in the parenting game!



*When all else fails, Calvin’s mom recommends chanting “Serenity NOW” over and over. Image appears courtesy of pinterest