For the Love of All That is Pure and Holy DON’T TOUCH THE HAIR!!

This weekend our church held their annual fundraiser for the youth. The fundraiser included a silent auction and dinner. The silent auction featured gifts donated by church members as well as things donated by the community at large. These prizes included a basket of movie goodies for a movie night, a spa basket with mani/pedi supplies as well as other hand-made fare. But the most creative silent auction item, besides dinner hosted and cooked by the church pastors? Someone had bravely donated their hair. Yes. They allowed the highest bidder a chance to give their beard the heave-ho. The beard was shaved to the tune of $100. Now the person that donated the money wasn’t the one to actually shave the beard as the man’s daughter was too excited to do it herself. But the shorn hair was put into a nice jar and given to the benefactor as a lovely addition to their mantle. Or something. Yeah, I can’t even believe I just wrote that, but I swear that’s how it went down.

Anyway, on our way home from watching the above described “Event Of the Year,” my husband and I began talking about hair. Specifically the possibility of donating my husband’s hair as an item in next years auction. Apparently we weren’t the only ones to talk about it, as I’ve since heard rumblings from people in our congregation wondering how much it could possibly go for.

See, my husbands hair is kinda spectacular. A self-proclaimed “Metal Head,” my husband’s music of choice is Christian Metal from the 80’s. He also has the perfect hair with which to engage in head banging activities when the mood strikes. Normally it’s around the house when he wants to antagonize our oldest cat. And yes, I am as surprised as you that he’s managed so far to avoid getting his head scratched to bits by angry claws of rage. Not only is it long, but it contains natural, beachy waves that would make any girl with stick straight hair jealous.

So back to the conversation in the car. This isn’t the first time we’ve discussed the length of my husband’s hair and how it’d look if it were significantly shorter. No, this conversation has been happening, off and on, since we’ve been together. Next month this conversation will be 7 years old. This time around I again reassured my husband that it could look very handsome even if it was much shorter than he’d seen it before. I then jokingly suggested he just shave the whole thing off. In jest, he suggested that if I did the same we’d have matching shunt scars (he also has a shunt…long story…). At that point negotiations abruptly shut down. We were at an impasse.

Having the same conversation for nearly 7 years has taught me one thing. As long as it’s not negatively affecting his health, why should I goad my husband into doing something I’m not willing to do myself. Since growing my hair out for the last year, I’ve come to understand why some women cry when getting their hair cut for the first time in years. Growing long hair takes time, patience and work. To cut it off after all that can be seen as a bit of a waste.

So, as all married couples have to do from time to time, we settled on a compromise. This week we will both go into the salon….for trims.

I hope this helps you if you are experiencing an impasse in your own marriage. Remember you are not alone. I’ll see you again tomorrow.



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