LAFF on Saturday: THIS is Really My Life……Envy Me.

Whoever said Saturday was a day to relax an recharge apparently doesn’t live in our house. So far today the oldest cat has thrown up, Little Man Kitty (AKA Riley) is a food thief,  and for a grand finale when he was caught red handed, he sneezed in my face. Well played, Weird, Oversized Furry Cheeto.

I probably have some sort of weird foreign kitten virus now.

The veterinarian community will probably do a case study on me for one of those stuffy medical journals. Which would be just fine because we really could use the money.

Taking a break now and watching Notting Hill while eating my weight in chocolate.

How has your Saturday gone so far?? 😀


“My name is Riley. I have a cute face and I am very charming. But I am a thief who steals my sisters food and doesn’t feel bad about it. I may not have a soul.” 😛