Dear Elizabeth: While You Were Sleeping……

The following entry is written for my niece, Elizabeth, in honor of the Cubs World Series win.

Dear Elizabeth,

Last night while you were sleeping, the universe shifted. The stars aligned and the impossible happened……

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

And I can’t believe I just typed that sentence.

The last time that had happened, your parents and grandparents had yet to be born.

It was illegal for women to vote.

There were only 46 states in the US.

Long story short, the world was much different the last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

So the game last night was a very big deal.

That is why your parents and I were yelling so much.

I’m sorry we woke you up.

Love you forever,

Auntie Laura



Someday Is Today!……

Here we are.

Game 7.

I just can’t believe it.

T-Minus 3 hours till they take the field.

And as I write this, I am somewhere between bursting into tears and vomiting.

But that’s pretty normal for a Cubs fan.

A friend of mine summed up the mood in the Midwest and around the country by opining,

“Tonight could set the record for most American men crying in unison.”

Fingers crossed that these are tears of joy. 😉

#GOCUBS! #FlyTheW! #WeAintAfraidOfNoGoat!!


One. More. Game. This hat will stay on my head for the entirety of Game 7. Let’s do this!

**The link above is a youtube video of Eddie Vedder’s “(Someday We’ll Go) All the Way”

Goats and Baseball: A Brief History….

As Game 3 of the World Series begins tomorrow and our boys are taking a break to travel today, I thought I’d talk more in depth about why having the Cubs in the World Series is such a big deal. (And if any die hard cubs fans are afraid talking about this will jinx them, forget about it. The curse was broken when they made it to the World Series 😉 ).

During this last season, including the playoffs, you have have seen the hashtag: #WeAintAfraidOfNoGoat on the internet and on tee-shirts (sidenote: I really wanted one, but when I looked online and saw they were $25, my Mennonite frugality kicked in and I decided I didn’t need it).

So what is this thing about a goat and why would Cubs fans be afraid of it? To answer that, I need to go way back to 1945 and game 4 of the World Series. According to at least one story I heard, Wrigley Field was having a “Take Your Pet to the Game” Day. I don’t know if I necessarily believe this, but it was 1945 and things were way different.

And I guess its within the realm of possibility.

So Billy Sianis, owner of the Billy Goat Tavern (Hold up! He was the owner of a tavern named BILLY GOAT?? Yeah, we probably should have all seen this coming! 😀 ) took his goat to the game, and was asked to leave because of the goat’s stench. Of course he took offense at this and uttered the infamous phrase, “Them Cubs, they ain’t gonna win no more!”

And that was it. The Cubs would spend 71 years trying to claw their way back to the Big Dance of Major League Baseball.

And on the anniversary of Mr. Sianis’s death (October 22, 1970), 46 years later, the Cubs finally broke the curse by advancing to the World Series.

And tomorrow night is game three at Wrigley. And so we say with pride: “We ain’t afraid of no goat!”

Go Cubs!


Here is a photo taken from our World Series Game 1 Watch Party at our best friend’s house. Their daughter, our niece, could not stop staring at my lucky Cubs necklace.

PS: (Written November 4, 2017) As I was rereading this, I realized what shirt I had on in this photo. A shirt I had worn to watch Game 1.

It had a goat on it.

They lost game 1.

My bad. 😛 😀 #TheyDidItAnyway #CursedNoMore


In Our Lifetime…..

As I write this today I am still in shock over this weekends events. I just can’t believe the world we are now living in.

A world where the Chicago Cubs have advanced to the World Series.

This is real you guys. In fact, last night they painted the World Series logo onto the field at Wrigley.

And you can’t take that back as easily as if it were green screened on.


If you are shaking your head trying to figure out why this is such a big deal for Cubs fans, here is some perspective. The last time the Cubs won the pennant (1945) these things did not exist (this information was taken from a meme found on Facebook)…..

1. Velcro
2. Pacemakers
3. Barbie Dolls
4. Alaska and Hawaii (as states)
5. Color Television
6. Credit Cards

To really let this sink in, let me take it back even further to 1908. The last time the Cubs actually WON the World Series. The following things did not exist (including everything in the list above 😉 ):

1. The Titanic (Construction began in 1909)
2. Donald Trump (ah, twas a good year for numerous reasons 😛 )
3. Barack Obama (See, I can be bipartisan 😉 )
4. The Wizard of Oz FILM (the book had only been out for 7 years)
5. Abraham Lincoln’s face on a penny
6. SPAM (which was unleashed on the earth in 1937. We’ve never quite recovered 😀 )

While we watched the game on Saturday (At a friends. In a ironic twist of fate, the Cubs chose the year we didn’t have access to live TV and had to find a way to watch the game away from home. On Tuesday for game one, we are going out to eat at a sports themed chicken wing chain restaurant. 😛 ) Chad took to google to find out more about the history of the Chicago Cubs and found a very interesting tidbit.

A member of the 1908 team briefly lived in our small town of Terre Haute, Indiana. (Sidenote: Yep, if you are still playing “Lulabelle Bingo” you can fill in the square that has “Where I live” on it. If you’ve been a longtime reader of mine, you also should have “First name,” “Age,” “Occupation,” and “Marital Status” filled in. #PleaseDontStealMyIdentity 😀 )

Anyway, back to the 1908 team. Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown was born in Nyseville, Indiana in 1876. He was dubbed “Three Finger” after a farming accident left him with a severed index finger on his right hand. Despite this Brown was still able to play baseball and he ended his minor league career in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1901. Turning his hand deficit into an advantage, Brown learned to pitch with the remaining fingers on his hand, a technique that gave him an unparalleled curve ball.

And led him to help the Cubs clinch the 1908 World Series Title.

And on Sunday afternoon, Chad and I spent a significant amount of time at the cemetery, trying to find his grave.

No dice. 😦 And I’ve come to the conclusion that cemeteries should be organized alphabetically. Because as I was navigating my manual chair up and down the rows of tombstones, I hit a divot or something, causing my chair to fly backwards, propelling my legs over my head and landing me near an actual grave.

This totally would NOT have happened had we just gone up to the B section! 😀 (Er, probably. And I’m fine, by the way. My ego took the brunt of the fall 😉 ) 

So there it is guys. The world will never be the same. Game One of the World Series begins tonight at 8:08PM EST.

Go Cubs!


What I may have looked like in 1908. (OK, technically this is a 20’s look and is in color, both of which did not exist in ’08–Let it go! 😛 )

Photo appears courtesy of S-R Photography