Bonus LAFF on Saturday: It’s In The Bag-The One Where Lulabelle Reviews a New Cat Litter……..

I changed the cat litter yesterday and used a new to us litter. We aren’t partial to one brand over another, as long as it’s clumping and it’s on sale, we buy it. I didn’t think anything about it when I went into our cat litter room to change out the litter.

I immediately noticed that the new bag of unopened litter didn’t seem to have a resealable top. Annoyed, I grabbed a pair of scissors that I vowed never to use again for food and set about opening the bag.

The scissors broke. Apparently this brand of litter wants to make it so difficult to open the bag that people mistake it for a bag of plutonium and think long and hard before they purchase it.

Undeterred I took one side of the broken scissors and cut a slit in the end of the bag and broke it open. I scooped out each of the boxes and replaced the litter with clean. I then realized I wasn’t able to close the bag with anything, so I just propped it up against the wall closest to the entrance and went to bed.

This would prove to be a bad life choice.

I woke up late today and as I came into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, I happened to glance into the cat litter room…..and realized the error of my ways. The open bag of litter I had propped up against the wall nearest the entrance of the litter box room, was now on its side on the floor, litter spilling out over the entrance to the room.


Apparently our furry Frick and Frack conspired together to knock over the bag of litter in the night whilst we slept. Not only had they knocked over the bag, but when it spilled out, they decided to um, “test-drive it” so to speak. To the point that some “out put” had landed IN. THE. BAG. 

Apparently we are raising over-achievers. I guess I should be proud. Or something.

So to sum up, if your life-long dream is to make cat litter, please make sure it comes in a resealable container. Especially if you have your own furry Frick and Frack.

Living in Denial and Accepting Reality: Suck it up, Buttercup….A Feline Weightloss Story….

Y’all remember when I announced after getting back from a one-week vacation last summer that our oldest cat had, during the week, visibly lost weight??

Yeah. About that…..

So we took her in to be checked out this past weekend because I’d noticed that she had a few patches of fur that were unusually thin. And they were offering free flea consultations (try and say that three times fast) and free is in our budget.

While at the vet it was discovered after being weighed that…..well…..she had actually gained weight. She is supposed to be between 8-9 lbs.

She weighed 15.16 lbs.

W…..T…..F…… (F stands for feline, what else did you think it meant? 😉  )

So my mommy brain had the following conversation with the vet tech (All in my head. It was also one-sided):

ME: What do you mean she’s 15.16lbs???? Your scale must be broken. Maybe you can’t read numbers. Did you really graduate from vet school?? How dare you call my baby fat.

STILL ME: You’re fat. #cheapshot

Yeah, sometimes I can get a smidge defensive when you talk about my kids. Most of the time this defensiveness remains in my head, but there have been a few times that it’s leaked out of my mouth in an edited, pleasant manner that still gets my point across.

Don’t you dare call my kid fat! 😛

After getting recommendations on weight-loss strategies, we went home. And I was faced with reality……

Our oldest cat is overweight. So much so that according to the vet, she can’t properly groom herself. And I could either blame others for hurting my feelings, or I could suck it up, admit that we have to make some changes, then follow through.

And I’m pretty proud of myself 72 hours later. I’ve modified the amount of food I give each cat and we are no longer “free-feeders” meaning we don’t put a bunch of food in a bowl in the morning and leave it all day. I now put in a little at a time twice a day and less if they haven’t eaten it all.

So far so good as today has been the first day we’ve done this where I’ve even left the house for a few hours and came back to find the oldest had eaten half of her portion, whilst the youngest hadn’t touched hers. After a brief one-on-one come-to-Jesus meeting with the hold-out, I did convince her to eat again. 

So, if your trip to the vet has netted some unsavory news about your fur-baby, take heart, you are not alone. Now, drop kick that steaming bag of defensiveness to the ground, suck it up and focus on how much less cat food you will go through in a month after doling out a reasonable-sized portion for your non-mutant cat.



*Meme highlighting the desperate need for cat-sized running shoes for overweight cats appears courtesy of: