Cats In the Cradle…..of Love

Welcome to FRIDAY!! WOOHOO!! In honor of Friday, we are going to have a special guest on the blog today. I’ll be telling her story as she dictates to me. So please welcome-quietly, she’s a bit shy- my youngest cat, Phoebe to the blog. Today she’ll be recalling the epic story of her conception and birth.

Hey guys! My name is Phoebe and I’m 9 years old. My birth mommy is an american short hair and my birth daddy was an orange tom cat. At the time of my birth, my birth mommy was living with my new human daddy, having just claimed his house as hers several months before. They met one night when human daddy was walking home from work and my birth mommy came up to him, stopped in front of him and rolled over on her back, exposing her belly. In her culture this means she had chosen his house as her new place to live, and she’d be coming back soon. Several weeks later, my birth mommy showed up on the front steps of human daddy’s apartment, carrying a small suitcase of all her things. She’d also lost a considerable amount of weight. Human daddy let her come in, but had to leave for work soon, so he scrounged around for something for her to drink. Milk had been something he’d figured would be a good idea. Milk is shown in story books about cats as a good treat. He poured her a dish of milk and left the house. When he returned, what he found on his bed made him NEVER give her milk again. 😀

But I digress. Several months after birth mommy came to live with human daddy, over the valentine’s day weekend, birth mommy ran out of the apartment when human daddy opened the door. He tried but was unsuccessful at bringing her back in. So he went to work, with the intention of looking for her later. On his walk home from work that night, he observed the following:

Hearing a hideous yowling, human daddy turned around and saw birth mommy and an orange tom cat in the bushes in front of a frat house (The Eta Kau Pi House 😀 ). Birth mommy ran out of the bushes with orange tom cat in hot pursuit. Human daddy ran after the orange tom cat and yelled, “Leave my daughter alone!”…..

Two days later, birth mommy came back to the apartment, a tiny cigarette dangling from her mouth. 10 weeks later, human daddy arrived home from work, but birth mommy didn’t greet him at the top of the steps as she always did. He found her in a closet, inside a plastic tub of warm coats, ready to deliver. Human daddy spread a towel out on the kitchen floor and wanted her to instead birth there. After helping her through Lamaze breathing, human daddy witnessed the birth of 6 healthy kittens. All bearing similar marking and coloring to birth mommy. None of my siblings had any resemblance to birth daddy–which is fine since he never visits or sends child support!

After putting an ad in the local paper, all my siblings found homes. Human daddy kept me since I wouldn’t go near anyone else. Several years later, my human daddy married my new human mommy. Here are two of my favorite photos of me and birth mommy. Here we are on our favorite couch. I’m the one on the right.

and this ↓ is human mommy and daddy’s favorite photo of me. I’m the reason they can’t keep the toilet lid up. 


I hope you enjoyed this story of my conception and birth. Thanks for letting me tell it. Thanks also for supporting and sharing my human mommy’s blog. She really appreciates it. She’ll be back Monday with another story.