Stress and Cat Chews

The last two weeks here have been pretty busy. Having a sick animal to take care of has forced us to move some things around in our schedule and I’ve found myself worrying more. I’m really on edge today as we look forward to her surgery tomorrow morning. She’s never been away from home without us. I’m not even sure she understands what is happening. Thankfully the procedure is outpatient so she’ll not have to stay overnight. 

It’s a simple operation. The vet will take out a couple of her teeth to relieve some swelling. We’ve started her on dental chews, and hopefully this will help clean her teeth daily so we don’t have to do this again. 

In preparation for surgery, she is not to eat or drink after midnight tonight, just like if she were human. So I’ll have to put the food and water out of reach. I’ll also need to vacuum any pieces left behind, as sometimes our cats miss their mouth and crumbs end up littering the floor. And I don’t trust that she won’t eat off the floor if she’s hungry enough later. 

After surgery there is also care. During a brief call to the vet today we’ve been advised to put her on wet food for a day or so post-op. She’ll also need pain medication administered. This means stress over her care won’t end for a few more days. 

But there is good news. To make sure she has something to look forward to, I’ve told her she could do this when she’s all healed. She’s pretty psyched and has already picked out one with polka dots. 11206042_10155659419485387_1722005188956902817_n

Please if you remember, send us good thoughts and vibes in the next few days. Thanks! 

You are not alone. 


*cats donning four-kinis appear courtesy of: Pets on via Facebook