Milestones and Trendsetting……..

At the end of this next month, friends and family will gather at our house to celebrate the adoption of Riley.

We are throwing him a kitten shower.

No, I’m being completely serious. I know what you must be thinking; anything from, “Oh my gosh that’s the best idea ever!! Tell me more!!” to, “Lord have mercy, these people have lost their minds!!”

I get it. This is a new idea (I even googled “Kitten Shower” and the only thing that came up was a link to a humane society shower for kitten supplies…..totally made sense.) But I’ve never heard of anyone else throwing a shower for their new kitten.

It’s probably the same response the maker of the Snuggie got when he first pitched his idea. I mean, a blanket you can wear is a bit crazy when no one else has thought of it, but look how popular it is now.

We are totally gonna be the pioneers of the Fur Baby Shower industry.

Honestly I’m a little surprised this idea hasn’t taken off sooner. With the way our generation is having kids later in life and lots of us remaining child free, having parties for our fur babies seems to be the logical next step.

So keep watching this space for updates and pictures from the event. Stay tuned! 🙂