Things that Awkwardly Go Bump in the Night

Happy Friday!! I hope if you are stateside you are bundled up and prepared. Sounds like it’s gonna be a big one. Let’s get this Lulabelle’s Anxiety Free Friday (LAFF) #2 started!

Before our saga is told, here are the featured players: the humble lone occupant, the brother, the girlfriend of brother.

Our saga begins in a small house in the midwest. It is a very snowy January, and the humble lone occupant of the residence is hosting his brother and brothers new girlfriend visiting from out-of-state. The occupant’s fiance’ is also visiting to meet her future brother-in-law for the first time.

Now, when said brother-in-law and girlfriend travel, they make a point to take several of their four large dogs on the road with them. During this trip, they were accompanied by three of the four. When I describe the dogs as large, I’m talking a collective couple hundred pounds of doggie enthusiasm. Two males and a female.

Because of the weather, the dogs were kept outside during the day and brought in at night to stay with brother and girlfriend in a spare room, located steps away from the living room. Now getting the dogs transferred to the house involved a few fancy moves, as the humble occupant of the home also lived with two overly territorial cats. So before the dogs came in, the cats were herded into another room, the door shut, as the dogs were paraded through the living room into the spare bedroom. The cats were then let back into the living room wondering what the crap just happened–they could smell it–but not receiving any answers.

Seeing as the guests had arrived at night and traveled a long way, they excused themselves to retire with the dogs till morning. The humble lone occupant and his fiance’ stayed behind in the living  room to catch up on each others lives. Minutes later, a distinct sound could be heard from the bedroom where girlfriend, brother and dogs were supposedly sleeping soundly. A kind of violent thumping sound. It intensified, and eventually those in the living room felt as though they were in a large bouncy house without padding. Realizing what was happening, the lone occupant and fiance’ decide to keep the truth to themselves–brother and girlfriend are adults after all–to save them any embarrassment, and attempt to get some sleep.

In the morning, the girlfriend shyly emerged from the bedroom. Looking at both the occupant and his fiance, she apologized….for the actions of THE DOGS!!!

Six to eight weeks later, twelve (yep, you read that right) healthy, beautiful puppies were born! Considering the father of the puppies was fifteen years old-basically the dog version of Sean Connery- this entire tale is as miraculous as it is true. Two of the puppies, one born with stunning blue eyes, end up temporarily gracing the cover of a blog devoted to anxiety. 😉

I guess that wraps it up for this week. I hope this true story made you smile. I’ll see you Monday.


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