Lulabelle Eats Asia Part 2: Watermelon Gummy Candy (Japan)……

You guys! I LOVE watermelon. It’s my favorite fruit and (I may have mentioned this in an earlier blog) when we go to a party where they have a fruit tray with watermelon, I have to police myself so I don’t eat it all. This approach has varying levels of success depending on how large the gathering is and if those there can keep me distracted enough.

Smell: Ok, I literally just tore off the pull tab on the bag (so technically it’s not even open yet), and set the bag about 6 inches away from my body and I STILL smell a pungent smell of watermelon.)

And now my mouth just filled with saliva. That was weird.

Oh crap. I just held the bag up to my nose (still not open yet) and took a whiff. I can still feel my nose hairs vibrating because THAT my friends was the smell of watermelon followed very quickly by the smell of nail polish remover. The aroma profile finishes off with just a tinge of that smell of those baby dolls that are made of cloth except for the bum which is made of rubber. You’re right, I could have just said, “It smells like rubber,” but then you wouldn’t have that mental image in your head.

You’re welcome. 😛

After opening the bag and taking a whiff, I am now coughing.

Things are about to get interesting. You may want to say a prayer.

Appearance: They look like a shorter version of gum drops, without the sugar-coating. Also they are bigger.

Taste: I’ve tasted watermelon, and I’m not sure this is it. The aftertaste is more watermelon-y, but a watered down version. And a little syrupy.

Texture: At first it feels like a tongue because it has tiny bumpy things like taste buds on it, but that quickly goes away and it just feels like soft goo that is chewy.

The bag is small and one serving is the whole bag (50 grams). A total serving is 160 calories with 3 grams of protein.

Bon-Appetit Y’all! 😀