New Beginnings and Orange Peels…….

Guys, today (March 1st) was a breakthrough for me. Today I finished the first day of the first regular job I’ve had in 3 years. And I’m still alive. Anxiety almost got the better of me, but I overcame and triumphed on the other side. (And in celebration Chad brought home Chinese food and in my zeal I may have overdone it on the MSG….Oops! 😛 )

Guys, this is a BIG deal. The end of my last regular job was so traumatic its honestly taken this long for me to **almost** have the confidence to even think about going back to a regular job.

Although I had training just last night, when it was time to clock in, I really froze and thought, “I can’t do this!” But after taking some breaths, and getting a little pep talk from Chad, I pulled myself together and just dug in.

And I did it.

As of today I am a dispatcher for a cab company. And I work from home. In my pajamas. It’s kind of the best job ever. 😉

I’ve actually been preparing for this position for a week at least. And when I say “I’ve” been preparing, it really means I’ve been preparing Riley, our youngest cat. It sounds crazy but at 10 months old, he still craves a lot of my attention and I was worried that working from home would keep him attached to me and wanting to play while I was trying to work.  So I figured out when Riley takes his nap and decided that is when I’d work. And as a precaution, before I began my shift, I put orange peels on my desk so Riley wouldn’t jump up on the desk and bother me.

And today that worked out beautifully. Up until the point where he got too energized and jumped at my face while I was on a call, pulling out my hair tie in the process. I held it together though so they were none the wiser.

Tomorrow should go even smoother.

If you are just getting back to a regular job after a long hiatus and are a bundle of nerves, I understand how you feel. But you can do this. Just breath and take it one step at a time.

And maybe keep your cat out of your office while you are on the job.