Lulabelle Reviews: “How To Parent Your Anxious Toddler” By Natasha Daniels

Today I’m taking the blog in a new direction and reviewing a book on parenting tiny humans. I know, I am a staunch supporter and member of the CNBC (Childless Not By Choice) community, but I was asked to read it and do a review from the author herself. Because I also work in child-care I figured this would be a good resource. I was right.

Daniels; a child therapist, includes most of the usual anxiety triggers for kids, such as fear of the dark, food aversion and fear of bugs, but her delivery is a refreshing twist on the genre of parenting books.

Each chapter opens with a scenario from the parents perspective. Of how their child is frustrating them with their odd behavior. They try and settle the matter themselves by taking away privileges, yelling and spanking. To no avail. They are at their wits end. Then the reader turns the page and…..

The same scenario is told from the child’s perspective. The why behind the behavior is explained in their own words. And parents are given an “aha” moment. After discovering the why behind the behavior, Daniels suggests possible solutions to the child’s problem.

This book was informative and provided solutions and tips that I’ve been able to pass along to my mommy friends and have even used a couple tips while at work.

If you are looking for an engaging book that offers practical advice to curb anxious behavior, this is it.


CC Anxious Toddler

*Our anxious cat also found this book helpful #bonus 😀

FTC Disclaimer: While the book was sent to me by the author for a review, all opinions are my own.