Fun Family Milestones……

Today our kitten Riley turns 4 months old. And over the weekend we celebrated his adoption with a party.

No, I’m serious.

And we went all out. I’m talkin’ “It’s a boy” banner outside our house, balloons flapping on our porch and blue gum cigars given out as party favors.

Guys, we even had a cake made into the shape of a litter box. **cue gasps of horror and surprise**

This was a risk and confused the guest of honor at one point. Seriously, we almost had an embarrassing, therapy-inducing incident.

At least it would have made a great blog! 😛

Here are a couple peeks into Riley’s adoption shower:

(Off topic-I’m trying a new way to display photos on my blog. Let me know if you like it this way  or should I go back to the old way?)

We all had a BLAST and Riley enjoyed meeting everyone (we had about 10 guests show up). And now days later, our house is alive with sounds of jingles and beeps and boops from all the new toys Riley has!! (Who knew a cat nip toy is supposed to make noise?!!) These toys are definitely appreciated, especially when Riley is running around playing with them at 3am.

Thanks, guys! 😛