Lulabelle’s Primer on the Art of Apologizing: To The Ladies of The View…..

Dear Ladies of The View:

You may be wondering why everyone is still losing their minds over your analysis and subsequent “apology” following the Miss America Nurse debacle. Here’s the thing, your “apology” (I’ll get to why I’m using quotes in a moment), lacked the most important things an apology contains. Empathy and humility to admit you made a mistake and are sorry-hence my use of quotation marks.

Nowhere in your “apology” did you utter the words, “We’re sorry.” While you did say you had all the respect in the world for nurses and appreciated what they do every day, in the next breath you defended your actions by blaming your viewers for not listening to what you were saying.

So ladies, let’s review:

Proper Apology: Humbly admit that you made a mistake. Include the words, “I’m sorry”

When in doubt, remember what you learned in kindergarten. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.


PS: I am giving Joy Behar a modicum of credit for admitting she was not paying attention and admitting she was being stupid and inattentive.

Oh, and Miss Colorado, if you read this, I want you to know I think your talent was AMAZING and I wish more contestants would buck the trend and go for something a little different.

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