Thank You Notes: Dear Fazoli’s

Thank you, Fazoli’s cashier for mentioning “raspberry” among the available flavors when I asked you what flavors you had in Italian Ice (I had a coupon for a free one with purchase). It sounded great, so I agreed to “raspberry.”

Now I’m more than sure you didn’t think I was listening when you turned to the person behind you and said, “one blue raspberry italian ice please.”

No where in my order did I specify I wanted my raspberry to be “blue.”

Ever since becoming an adult, I’ve not understood the concept of “blue raspberry.” Even as a kid I thought it strange, but this was way before I started a blog and I had just been given free candy so I chose to let it be.

But the truth is still the same; raspberries are not blue.

Now I was out to dinner with our family so I didn’t feel it was appropriate to correct you and possibly change my order. I guess I was hoping I had misheard you.

Turns out, I didn’t.

On the positive side of things, my blue raspberry Italian ice did have a very pretty sky blue color. Like drinking a liquified Smurf.

So I guess this is all to say, cashier man, that you are doing a great job

You just need to speak louder and enunciate. 😉



And here we have a picture of Riley asleep on a plate. This picture has nothing to do with our topic of the day, but on the advice of our lawyer I’m trying to provide my blog with photos taken by us or those that I’ve gotten permission to share.

And also, how freakin’ adorable is this?? 😀

Late Night/Early Morning Thank You Note…….

After a LONG day I am finally home. I was just gonna skip today’s post (I guess I did since it’s now tomorrow….never mind 😛 ) but I suddenly found my second wind. So, here it is. In the tradition of The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon, I present to you my Monday Thank You Note: 

“Thank you, Kentucky heat wave, for proving that sweat can also double as an effective styling product!!” 😀


*something I am DEFINITELY trying if our AC ever goes out-or if I “accidentally” switch it off 😉  appears courtesy:

PS: Congratulations Angela and Marty! May you have many happy years together!!