Awkward Family Holiday Photos Part 1

T-minus 9 days till Christmas. Are you ready? Me neither. Honestly I haven’t even started shopping. I am however making progress. I have a load of laundry going and last night I finished my nephew’s one-year old birthday picture. I gotta say I’m pretty excited about it, but you’ll have to wait till after Christmas to see it. I promise I’ll put it in a blog.

This afternoon I am brainstorming ideas for our first official family portrait for our Christmas card. Ok, it’s more than likely gonna be a New Years card because, let’s be real, it ain’t gonna happen in 9 days. The portrait may be taken, but the actual card will probably take some time to create.

Dear family, in all honesty I wouldn’t look for this thing in the mail till March. Seriously.

I’m pretty excited about our family holiday (yay March?) card. My sisters send one out every year and they are always pretty cute. Of course ours will be different because our kids have four legs and fur. And get themselves in crazy yoga positions to wash themselves. Hopefully that won’t end up on the card, but cats are pretty unpredictable. I guess that’s part of the excitement. And maybe we could end up being featured on Awkward Family Photos. We happen to be pretty big fans.

So, did we hire a photographer? Nope. This is gonna be a strictly DIY holiday card. We had wanted to hire a photographer, but our youngest is really shy and tends to hide from people she doesn’t know, (or when Chad walks through the door….She’s an enigma wrapped in fur šŸ˜› ).

You may be wondering how we are gonna take a good portrait without a professional photographer. Two words: Selfie Stick! A good friend of ours recently purchased one and is graciously letting us borrow it for this endeavor. This allows you to put your camera in the claw thing and take a picture of a landscape with minimal effort.

The process is virtually hands-free. While the other hand is on the youngest cat who’s trying to make a break for it because the oldest decided now would be the perfect time to see if the youngest would make a good football and is about to “kick off.” After you thwart the oldest’s plan, she remembers she’s the star of the show (she thinks she’s the reason for the season. We are working on being more humble-but she’s a cat so it’s not really helping much) and she’sĀ  prancing back and forth between the two of us on the couch, nuzzling our hands and sticking her bum in the air. Not exactly the perfect angle I had envisioned. Whilst this is going on the youngest has sought refuge underneath the couch and is now making loud retching sounds as puking is her go-to behavior when she’s stressed.

Yep, this family photo is gonna be great. Don’t worry, I will share outtakes on here when they are done. šŸ˜‰

Happy Holidays!