Golden Oreo Allergy Solved(ish)……

Hey guys, as you know I’m an Oreo girl, but the Golden Oreo has always given me stomach troubles. And I could never pinpoint what ingredient didn’t agree with me.

The other weekend, I think I solved the mystery.

It was my birthday and Chad and I went out to dinner to celebrate. We went to an upscale-ish chain burger house that also had a salad bar.

That I partook in because I am now 37 and this is how you do life now. Yes, you can have that glass of sangria and that cheeseburger, but only if you also order the salad bar.

So I saddled up to the salad bar and began assembling my salad. Then I came upon a bowl of lima beans. I like lima beans, so these were sprinkled on the top of my salad.

I ate my salad first and a couple bites in I realized the lima beans were NOT lima beans.

I was actually eating edamame aka soybeans.

Oops! 😛

But it still tasted good, so I thought, “Oh well, no big deal. I’ll just eat the rest of my salad and go on with my life.”

Yeah. About that…..

So as I’m eating my salad with edamame, my stomach begins to say, “Um, what are you eating? I didn’t sign off on this food.” So my stomach began trying to throw back the edamame but my stomach has a bad throwing arm, so it didn’t go anywhere, it just bounced off the stomach’s walls, giving me a distinct stomach ache. The same type of stomach ache that I got after I eat a Golden Oreo.

Guys, I think I’m allergic to soy. Which is really bizarro considering soy and soy lecithin is in virtually any packaged food I eat and I literally have not had a problem until the first time I ate a Golden Oreo. So I’m not going to completely eliminate soy from my diet. I’ll just be a bit more cautious about how I am feeling after I eat.

Honestly I’m glad I figured this out. Do you have a food allergy that is specific to one thing? Let me know in the comments.


Jesus, Wine, and the Brilliance Behind the Red Solo Cup….

A coin toss? Yep, last night the democratic side of the Iowa caucus was decided by coin toss. Don’t believe me? Click here. I know, I’m just as surprised as you that it’s not an article in The Onion. Word on the street is she’ll pick her running mate by throwing a flaming lawn dart from a distance of 100 ft, blindfolded, onto a foam canvas affixed with the faces of potential candidates while former President Bill Clinton plays a rousing rendition of When The Saints Go Marching In. God Bless America!!……….. 😀

So yesterday I wrote about my wine experiment that went awry. Today, I thought we’d flesh out the topic of wine more. Specifically as it relates to followers of Jesus. Then I’ll tell you the story of why I bring my own wine glass to gatherings.

Honestly I was torn whether or not to tell this story because alcohol use is a divisive issue in the church. Specifically the denomination I was raised in. I grew up believing that good Christians never drank, and carried this belief into adulthood. I discovered at an embarrassingly late age what the Bible actually says about alcohol use. That it’s permitted as long as one doesn’t get drunk.

My first taste of wine was in college during a family Christmas dinner. After that for years I only ever drank alcohol once a year; Christmas day with my family. Through the years I realized I preferred red over white. Then I had sangria for the first time and fell in love. Now, occasionally when we go out to eat, if sangria is on the menu, I’ll order it. But I only drink it out of an appropriate glass. And ALWAYS bring a wine glass with me when I know wine will be served at an event.

This tradition of BYOG (bring your own glass) began after an incident at a Christmas function several years ago that has become a bit of folklore, but I swear it’s true. So, Chad and I were invited to a Christmas party thrown by friends from our small group. I was excited because they mentioned that sangria would be served. Unfortunately Chad had to work the night of the party, so I tagged along with friends.

It was a great party. Trays of food, live Christmas music playing on the piano, and of course, sangria. The only cups available were festive red Solo cups. Without much thought, I grabbed a cup, filled it with sangria and drank. I may have had two. Which seems perfectly reasonable until you consider that I filled them up slightly fuller than a typical wine glass portion. How did I know I had made a mistake? Well, when I started laughing at any and all noises I heard, I realized that I probably had a bit too much to drink. I hesitate to say I was exactly drunk, but definitely tipsy. Thankfully the friends that I rode with didn’t drink at all so I had a safe way home.

The story became something my friends and I would laugh over.

A few months later, the same friend who drove me home private messaged me this graphic on Facebook:


Of course we had a good laugh over this. I had no idea the marks meant something. Actually according to (my go-to website for fact-checkery) this line explanation is completely coincidental, but I still think this makes a lot of sense.

So my friends, that is the story of why I now bring my own wine glass to gatherings. And never drink anything alcoholic out of those demon red cups. 😀



Sometimes Being an Adult is Like Baby Food…..

Adulting. This is something that I occasionally have anxiety over. The weird thing is, 9 times out of 10, it wasn’t as hard or scary as I had thought going in. Things like calling such and such place to take care of such and such bill if there is any discrepancy. I do eventually call on time and get things taken care of, but the anxiety I experience leading up to calling is very real and pretty annoying. Yes, I wish I were the type of person you’d not think anything of making a simple phone call, but unfortunately more often than not I’ll pitch a little mental fit before eventually doing the right thing and making the call. Again, 9 times out of 10 when I’m done with this task, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had it built up in my head.

It’s kinda like baby food.

This weekend I helped throw a baby shower for one of my closest friends. Maybe this is just a new American trend, but here when we do baby showers, traditionally there is some sort of game centered around baby food. Our baby food game consisted of 12 jars of baby food that had a similar color but were all different flavors. I had carefully taken the labels off each jar and numbered them with a black Sharpie. Then I wrote down their number and flavor on a separate sheet and put that in an envelope along with all the labels. Each person at the shower was given paper and pen and they had to write down what they thought each flavor was. The person with the most correct answers would win a prize.

There was one of three ways we could have played. 1. Each person simply looks at the jars and writes down an educated guess as to its contents. This way the mom to be can keep the baby food to feed her child later OR 2. The jars are opened and sniffed to determine what they contain OR 3. Guesses are determined by TASTE! This method is the most fun but could go disastrously wrong if you have a weak stomach. Or just anxiety over suspicious looking baby food in an all neutral color palate.

We went with method #2. Then, in a sudden twist, our mother-to-be decided she was curious enough to taste them. And we did. Even if some of us had serious reservations. I mean, would you willingly taste liquified turkey and gravy?? But you know what? It wasn’t bad at all. After I tasted what I thought was the scariest one, I went for one I’d wanted to try ever since picking them up last week–banana. Here is the face I made:


Now, I promise you that this truly is my “Wow! That wasn’t bad at all. I like it.” face. Even after tasting them all, there really wasn’t a jar that I disliked. All the fear was just in my head.

I guess I can cross eating 12 varieties of baby food off my bucket list!

If you have trouble adulting some days, you are not alone. I’ll even share my stewed bananas with you 😉